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Adrian 3 years Fall SCIENCE 🔬 ⚗️⚖️

🍂🌰🌼Fall Inspired Weighing Activity with ⚖️ Balance scales

Balancing Nature Finds with Balance Scales

We finally have precise balance scales with metal weights which have 0.2 g. sensitivity. Balance (or a pair of scales) uses a balance beam and compares masses by balancing the weight due to the mass of an object against the weight of a known mass or masses. Adrian will attempt to do both:

  • compare masses by balancing the weight of an object against the weight of a known mass (i.e. metal weights have its mass stated on them)
  • compare masses by balancing the weight of autumn objects against the weight of an UN-known mass: nature-objects on the other side of the scale.

Practicing the pincer grip.


This activity is also a fun way to introduce 🔢fact families: for example 50 gr on one side=20+10+10+5+5 gr.

DSC_0127After some trial and error, Adrian was able to use and balance all the metal weights: coming up with a combination that is not identical on each side.

DSC_0127Comparing masses by balancing the weight of known masses (metal weights). 

DSC_0149What about figuring out how objects of unknown mass weight (pebbles or stones) can come to equilibrium by having the scale precisely balanced?
DSC_0127Adrian then brought a basket of autumn objects he had collected during our nature walks. So, how about weighing nature-objects with balance scales?

DSC_0146Comparing masses by balancing the weight of objects against the weight of UN-known masses. 


DSC_0149Still, the right scale outweighs the left.

DSC_0149  We need to add more to the left scale.

DSC_0146Done! Adrian finally found the precise balance. 

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