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Winter Poetry Basket (Animal Friends Poem)

What is inside of our Winter Poetry Basket? I like the idea of having a little basket (well, a box in our case) with a themed activity. Today, it is a box with poetry readings, where I would also add anything that might go along with a poem, and some nature's objects like pinecones, spruce tree branches etc.


I finally finished a Winter Animal Friends poem for Julia. (Please, let me know your thoughtsThought Balloon on Apple iOS 10.2.)  I wanted to incorporate animals into a poem since children seem to be most affectionate towards them especially during the winter season. I tried to rhyme every verse, (and not every other one as in some poetic compositions), trusting that it is much easier for a child to remember a poem when every ending word in a single metrical line rhymes with the ending word in a subsequent line. 



                           Winter Animal Friends

Winter – the most magical time of the year, 

I am thrilled and excited it’s finally here!

Snow covers the Earth with a sparkling glow,

When snowflakes❄️ dance gracefully – I see glitter below.

I hear the geese in the sky come and go,

Flocking the lake, as they honk, flying low.

The squirrel🐿 finds her nuts which she hid in the Fall🍂🍁,

Jumping from branches on trees🌲that are tall.


The bunny🐇, the cutest of all animal friends,

Hops zip-zag: his footprints go far and transcend.

The bear sleeps tightly snuggled up in his den,

We try to be quiet as much as we can!

Winter – the most magical time of the year,

We play in the snow, have hot cacao☕️ and cheer!

We love to observe our animal friends.

Who will we see today? Well, it depends …

            Anya © Montessori From The Heart




At the end, Julia and Adrian got to eat marshmallows, which were way too tempting 🙂

When Julia recites this poem, Adrian likes to play out the verse: be it geese flying or bunny hopping zig-zag or squirrel eating nuts – we love using our animals to bring the activity to life!

Also in a basket we have a poem I made for Adrian about January (read here), and my favorite winter poem growing up А.С.Пушкинa  "ЗИМНЕЕ УТРО" (see here). 

What are your favorite poems to read to your child!

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