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The Tiny Wish Book (Our ๐Ÿ’Ž Gem ๐Ÿ“šBooks Collection)

When I asked my children what is their favorite spring-inspired book, they unanimously replied that it is The Tiny Wish (buy here), where Anja, an enchanting girl from Norway, experiences an extraordinary adventure with her animal friends. 

Lori Evert, the New York Times bestseller author, created The Tiny Wish book together with her husband, Per Breiehagen, who is an award-winning internationally acclaimed photographer from Norway. Per's images for The Tiny Wish Book are inspired by his daughter, Anja's  love of animals, nature, fairytales and adventure.

DSC_0002Anja's adventure takes place against a backdrop of breathtaking Scandinavian mountains.

"It was spring, and the snow had melted in all but the highest places, so Anja reluctantly put her skies away…"

DSC_0002When Anja wishes to be tiny to win a game of hide-and-seek with her cousins, her wish comes true! 
DSC_0002Just a few inches tall, Anja must find her way home with the help of some new animal friends. 

Illustrated with the most beautiful and vibrant digitized photographs, the book transcends the boundary of real and imaginary. Lori Evert poignantly portrays how different the world seems to Anja, who sees grass as trees, and who gets to soar on the back of a bird, and who can drift sailing in a boat made out of a sliver of the tree bark.

DSC_0002Tiered from her journey, Anja lays on a soft patch of moth, while a mother rabbit tenderly covers her with cotton grass.

The extraordinary photography and this enchanting story left my children bewildered,โ€œDid that really happen?โ€ when Anja, has woken up in the morning, her normal size, to see that her bed to her amazement was covered with tufts of cotton grass and flowers: "Maybe it wasn't a dream!" she said to herself. 

What do you think?

See here a post about another gem by Lori Evert, "The Christmas Wish Book", which my children loved reading over and over during past Christmas holiday.  

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