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DIY 🔶Orange Slime🕯️Light Table (🎃Halloween Inspired 🙌🏻 Sensorial 🖐️👀👂👅👃 101🎥Series)

We love sensory play, where a child explores different mediums such as sand, play dough, rice, beans, etc., while stimulating various senses, triggering neuron connectivity and learning through play in the process. So, what about making a Halloween inspired sensory orange slime!
DSC_0088What you will need:

  • paint (we are using washable fingerpaints – buy here),
  • soap or shampoo,
  • cornstarch,
  • a ziplock plastic bag,
  • a spatula.

DSC_0088We added cornstarch to make the "slime" a little denser.
DSC_0088Make sure the zip-lock does not leak.

DIY 🕯️light table:

  • a container,
  • a string of lights (we are using orange 🎃Halloween lights),
  • any transparent surface to cover the container (we are using a glass shallow dish; you can also use a plastic cover from that container or anything else flat and see-through).

This activity is similar to tracing on sand (like with Montessori Touch & Trace Sensory Writing trays), which can be used as a precursor to writing before a child can actually hold a pen. With an older child, offer to trace numbers or letters or chid's name and observe how the letters magically disappear as the slime bonds back together. 

DSC_0001And, don't forget to have fun!

For more on sensory play, see here a video post how we made a sensory tray "How 🎥 to Make Montessori Sensorial ✍️Tracing Tray," and here a video post "Mother's Day 💐 Montessori Touch & Trace Sensory Writing Tray 🎥."

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