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Halloween Golf Tee Balancing


Halloween golf tee balancing Montessori Practical Life activity for preschoolers promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor control, and balancing skills.

Hammering is a fun gross and fine motor control activity that can be customized for various holidays. Besides, Halloween inspired golf tee balancing is a fun Montessori Practical Life activity for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice real-life skills such as hammering and balancing. Most important, this activity is very easy to set up using recycled styrofoam and any balls you might have.


What You’ll need for this Halloween Golf Tee Balancing:

  •  a tray (we are using this one)
  • recycled styrofoam block
  • child-friendly hammer (we are using a wooden rounded child hammer from this set)
  • wooden golf tees (buy here)
  • light styrofoam balls (we bought ours at Michaels Store, but you can buy these and simply paint them)

HOW to present this Montessori Practical Life activity:

First, demonstrate to your child how to carefully and evenly hammer golf tees into the styrofoam block. Thereafter, show how to balance each ball on the flat part of the golf tee. Next, it is your child’s turn! So, offer your child to hammer golf tees into a block, and invite to carefully balance each ball. You can also add a numeracy twist and ask your child to count each ball as s/he places it on the golf tee. Trust me, your child will have a blast with this Halloween inspired balancing activities. And, in the meantime, they are developing concentration, focus, and bilateral coordination, which is a fancy way of saying using both hands at the same time in an organized manner.

“I did it, Mama!”

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.

Maria Montessori.
Help me do it MYSELF!” – Maria Montessori

As we observe children, we see the vitality of their spirit, the maximum effort put forth in all they do, the intuition, attention and focus they bring to all life’s events, and the sheer joy they experience in living.

Dr. Maria Montessori.

Montessori Practical Life lessons:

Lessons in the Montessori Practical Life area teach child skills necessary for practically everything else in life. For instance, a child’s quote: “Teach me how to do it myself” is what Practical Life is all about. Through Practical Life lessons, a child will learn how to use a hammer, how to fold laundry, water plants or make own snack, while completing those tasks independently. Thus, Practical Life lessons develop coordination, concentration and focus, independence, and the sense of order, which will help a child immensely in future academic performance. 

Always supervise your children.

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