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❤️Valentines ✨Glitter Sensory 🎁Bottle ~ Calming Jar

This glitter sensory calming bottle can make a perfect Valentine's 💝gift! It is sensorily therapeutical and can be used as a mindful meditational tool for children. This Valentine's DIY craft is super easy to make, and the best part is that children can personalize their Sensory ~ Discovery bottles with a certain glitter color combination or the objects they choose to place inside. 


What you need to make this ❤️Valentines ✨Glitter Sensory Bottle:

  • a  bottle ~ make sure it does not leak (ideally, you would want something tall),
  • clear glue (buy here),
  • glitter (buy here),
  • we are using plastic hearts from a craft store; 
  • a glue gun to secure the cap to the bottle.

DSC_0030Fill the bottle with clear glue about 3/4. Add glitter and hearts.
DSC_0030Make sure you leave space to add water, otherwise, the substance will be too thick.

Note: we originally filled the bottle 3/4 with glue, and although right after we made it, it worked fine, the next day, the substance was too thick. I suggest the best ratio is: fill 1/2 glue + 1/2 water.
DSC_0038Fill the rest of the bottle with hot water (hot will help dissolve the glue). The higher the water to glue ratio, the more freely would the objects/hearts float in the glue/water substance. 

DSC_0039Shake ~ observe ~foocus! "As the bottle clears, so does the mind."

A DIY Calm Down Sensory bottle can help children with sensory sensitivities or can help calm a child when the emotions become overwhelming. Focusing on the objects in the calm down jar helps a child focus the attention and calm down, being an excellent meditation technique for children. 

DSC_0039Besides this red ❤️Valentine's sensory bottle we made as a🎁gift for Daddy, we ended up with two more bottles: Adrian decided to make one for Julia (pink) and one for himself (blue) as Valentine's💝gifts.

DSC_0043I painted tops of jars: Adrian's in blue & Julia's in pink, sprinkling some glitter on top. 


Besides stimulating the child sensorily, these Glitter Jars are a great meditational tool to quiet the mind, gather thoughts, find peace and inner balance, while watching the glitter swirl around and around. 

DSC_0004These sensory bottles can also make a perfect ❤️Valentine 's🎁gift.

DSC_0043-3Using a glue gun, I secured ribbon & a bow to the top of the bottle, making it a complete gift.
DSC_0043-3Happy ❤️Valentine's Day! Let your days be filled with ❤️LOVE!

We made a similar jar ~ see here a post DIY ☮️ Mindful ✨Glitter Calming Jar •Meditation 📿Tool for Kids.

For more on Valentines Day activities, see here ❤️Valentine's Inspired Unit Study.

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