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Shamrock DIY Recycled Popsicle Puzzle Skip Counting by 10


Today, we are making St. Patrick’s Day-inspired DIY  Shamrock puzzle with a math twist.

What you will need:


Arrange craft sticks straight next to each other and place a Shamrock cutout on top. (You may secure craft sticks with a tape on the other side.)

Glue the Shamrock cutout to craft sticks with a glue gun. (You can also draw a Shamrock.)

Prime the area where you will be writing numbers with a clear nail polish to prevent the writings from bleeding (running and spreading).

Once the glue dried, carefully cut along the craft sticks’ edges with a craft knife.
Write numbers zero through one hundred, skip counting by tens.
Mix all the craft sticks up and offer your child to assemble (solve) the puzzle.

The control of error: the child can self-correct and practice math skills by skip counting by tens. Also, if assembled correctly, the child will marvel at the shamrock leaf.

Prep time: under 5 minutes.
Skills: numeracy, skip counting and number recognition, spatial awareness, problem-solving, left to right progression, hand-eye coordination, concentration and more.

For more St. Patrick’s hands-on fun DIYs, see here St. Patrick’s Day Kids Activities.

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