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Adrian 5 years DIY Holidays SCIENCE 🔬 ⚗️⚖️ SENSORIAL 🖐️👀👂👅👃

❤️💚Christmas Magnetic DIY 🌀Water Beads Sensory Bin

Today, we are making DIY red hydrogels and incorporating a science of magnetism into our sensory play.

DSC_0041 Use clear hydrogels (buy in bulk here)

DSC_0046Add food coloring when you add water to hydrate and inflate your hydrogels

DSC_004720 minutes after adding water
In an hour ~ fully expanded

DSC_0031Next, hot glue your paper clips to recycled pouch caps


Then, make a "fishing rod" from a straw and a pipe cleaner and glue a small magnet to the end

Place your caps into your DIY hydrogels sensory bin and roll the dice! Offer a child to "fish" out as many caps as is the number on the dice. Lastly, offer to make that number from a pipe cleaner.

P.S. To store your hydrogels (water-beads) ~ rinse them after play with cold water and add a few drops of tea-tree oil to prevent mold growth and store in an airtight container in a fridge. They will last you a very long time. We just opened one container stored for two months and they barely shrunk ~ just rinse them before use!

Happy Holiday fishing, counting and learning through play!

For more holiday fun, see here 🎄Christmas Inspired Unit Study.

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