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Pantry Easter Egg Craft DIY Play Hack Kids Activity Recycled Art


Are you feeling Spring in the air? We are, as the snow had finally melted, the temperature is slowly rising, the buds are all puffed up ready to open and birds are incessantly singing ready to mate. Spring also brings the Easter holiday, and today, we are making a “pantry” hack cardboard craft. So, open your cupboard and see if you find any pasta or grain that had seen its expiration date.

To dye your pasta or grain, simply place dried un-cooked pasta in a ziplock (one bag per each color) and add the desired color paint. Shake well and then lay flat to dry. So, you will end up making a batch for each color. To achieve a pastel color, simply add white paint to your base color.


You will also need recycled cardboard, which I cut as an egg shape with a Stanley knife. Then, using a hot glue gun, decorate your egg: I am using dyed pasta, popcorn, cereal, and rice! Happy crafting! I hope it comes out egg-tastic! You can see this craft on Instagram here and we did a similar craft for Christmas here.

Please, always supervise your child while they are crafting and creating! Xoxo

You can see our entire Easter-Unit Study on my blog here.

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