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Independence Day Preschool Activities


Independence Day Preschool Activities to celebrate U.S. patriotic holidays with Montessori inspired practical life, sensorial and math invitations to balance, sort, and count.

Independence Day Preschool Activities are a fun way to celebrate any U.S. patriotic holiday. Besides, if you live in another country, you can substitute for your own country’s flag. United States flag’s colors are white, red, and blue, so these are the ones I have chosen for these Montessori-inspired activities. However, feel free to modify them. These activities can be used as a simple practical life activity, or it can include a math activity for children who are ready. It can also be used to help children learn to follow a sequence of steps, develop concentration and fine motor control as well as advance sorting skills.

Independence Day PRACTICAL LIFE


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Independence Day SENSORIAL Activities

How about the Independence Day colors inspired glitter styrofoam star transferring? Besides color sorting, your little one will also be advancing fine motor control while size discriminating and grading.


YOU’LL NEED for this Independence Day Preschooler Color Sorting

  • sorting tray
  • tongs (optional)
  • red, white and blue glitter styrofoam stars (although you can modify this activity by using different colors)
  • a tray to contain everything

Adrian is using tongs to transfer and sort glitter styrofoam stars by color. You can also offer your child to grade stars by size. Thus, your child will be practicing fine-motor control while color sorting and size-grading. Most importantly, while tonging and transferring improves dexterity, a practical life aspect when a child is practicing fine-motor skills and size sequencing adds a sensorial dimension to the activity.

Independence Day MATH 

🇺🇸Roll the 🎲 Dice Pom-Poms 🔢Math ➕Addition/➖Subtraction 🇺🇸Flag Game

Here is a FUN Montessori inspired math addition-subtraction work called “Roll the Dice” ” which is also great for fine motor control.


Use any patriot themed placement or a picture of the flag. You will also need a dice and pom poms. (You can use stars instead of pom poms.) A child rolls the dice, and while using tongs to strengthen fine-motor skills, places the exact quantity of pom-poms on the empty blue section of the flag as the dice indicates. With smaller children, you will leave it at a first step.

As an extension, with older children, you can play a simple math addition/subtraction game. For example, Adrian rolled four, so he placed four pom-poms on the flag. Then, on the next turn, he rolled a three. So Adrian had to figure out whether to add or subtract ( and what number) to have the result equaling to a three. Here, he had to remove one pom-pom to get the three, as a result he needed. S, here, he needed to SUBTRACT from four already there to get three.

In the above video, Adrian rolled 5. Then he rolled 6. He had to figure out how many pom poms he had to ADD to end up with the number six. So, he figured that he needed to add one more to five to have the sum of six.

So, this Roll The Dice game is a super fun one to practice either addition or subtraction while exercising fine motor control.

I hope you enjoyed our Independence Day Preschool Activities. Which one was your favorite?

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Happy 4th of July!

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