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Beaded Pipe-Cleaner Indian Corn

Beaded Pipe-Cleaner Indian Corn

Beaded pipe-cleaner Indian Corn fine motor Autumn craft for kids promotes concentration, bilateral coordination, and creativity in children of all ages.

Trust me, your little one will love making beaded pipe-cleaner Indian corn kids craft! Also, this adorable corn on a cob could be a perfect addition to your Autumn or Thanksgiving decoration collection! Besides, they are very easy to put together. These Indian corns are cute, colorful, and inexpensive to make as you can usually find the supplies at the dollar store. Most importantly, your child will be exercising fine motor skills by strengthening the small muscles of the hands, developing concentration, hand-eye coordination, and bilateral control.

Indian-corn-variety-Autumn Harvest

Indian Corn ~also called “Calico Corn” is known for its beautiful multicolored kernels. It is such a fun Fall or Thanksgiving decor and you can find real ones everywhere during the Autumn months.  Besides, using only pipe cleaners and pony beads, this kids craft is super quick and simple to make and the mess level is low! Make sure to pour the beads into a bowl or a cup to help keep them from spilling everywhere. 

Beaded Pipe-Cleaner Indian Corn
Beaded Pipe-Cleaner Indian Corn

YOU’LL NEED for this Beaded Pipe-Cleaner Indian Corn

  • pony beads (choose red, orange, yellow, white, beige, and/or brown ~ you would need approximately 120 beads: about 15 per star’s arm)
  • (4) pipe cleaners 12″ long (choose yellow, orange, or tan colors)
  • another smaller pipe cleaner for tying the arms together making a husk


However, if you do not have pony beads in Autumn or earth tones, just choose whatever colors you have handy. Children come up with the most amazing color combinations, so let their creativity run wild! You might be surprised at some unique assortments they come up with!

HOW TO MAKE this Fine Motor Autumn Kids Craft


First, grab four 12 inch pipe cleaners, and line them up so that they are even on each end. (The way to find a center is to bend them in the middle.) Then, twist them together in the middle. Alternatively, you can wrap one pipe cleaner around another’s center to make an X shape. Then do it again with the other two pipe cleaners. Lastly, combine the two X’s to make a star shape. Make sure to wrap pipe cleaners tightly around each other to secure them together. Lastly, space pipe cleaners evenly by spreading them into the shape of a star. Thus, you will end up with a star with eight “arms” ~or an octopus!


Next, string a combination of pony beads on one pipe cleaner “arm.”  Be sure to leave a little over an inch of the pipe cleaner showing on the end so that you will have enough to twist your husk later on. (You would need that space for trying.) Make sure to twist the end of the pipe cleaner once you are done beading so that pony beads do not fall off that beaded arm. I ended up using about 15 beads per arm. Next, add pony beads to every arm of the star. Thus, you will keep threading the beads onto each pipe cleaner until all eight arms are covered. So, you will have eight beaded arms. Try mixing up the colors without being too exact in order to come up with original designs! There is no need for precision or patterns with this kids craft!


Moreover, once you have covered your star in beads, shape your corn into a cob! Carefully bend each end upward and gather the points together, bringing all the arms of the star up to the center. Make sure to keep them straight and do not twist the arms as you gather them together. Next, take the tops of your pipe cleaners and twist the loose ends a couple of times to secure the beads, forming the corn “husks.” (You might want to use a spare smaller pipe cleaner to tie them up.) Lastly, fan out the top ends of pipe cleaners a bit for a more realistic look.

Beaded Pipe-Cleaner Indian Corn TIPS

Make sure you do not cross the beaded arms. You want the corn to have straight lines. Also, you might want to bend over the end tips of the pipe cleaners inwards just a bit so that the sharp points are not sticking out.

Please, always supervise your child!

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This beaded pipe-cleaner Indian corn craft is so simple to make and so fun! Besides, all you need are two simple supplies that you can find at the dollar store. Also, this fine motor Autumn Kids Craft can make a perfect Thanksgiving activity or an Autumn decoration! Most importantly, this craft promotes concentration, precisions, fine motor control, bilateral coordination, and creativity in children of all ages!


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