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Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper

*Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper Montessori From The Heart

Inspire the love of creative writing in children with Night Zookeeper and promote better screen time while enhancing the remote learning experience.

Children learn best when they are intrinsically motivated, when activities are developmentally appropriate, and when there is a catalyst to ignite their enthusiasm! And, although I am a firm believer in hands-on activities during the First Plane of the Absorbent Mind (birth to 6 years), as children are approaching the Second Plane (6 – 12 years) of reasoning and abstraction, the new “intellectual period” of The Reasoning Mind dawns on them. Most importantly, during this abstraction thinking stage, children have an innate aptitude to use their imagination to perceive the information they cannot necessarily see. Therefore, during the Second Plane of Abstraction, creative writing with Night Zookeeper’s online educational platform will enrich vocabulary, improve spelling, develop grammar and structure skills, and inspire the love of writing!

Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper

Inspire the love of writing

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Imagination as Intrinsic Motivation 

Imagination is a significant developmental milestone of the elementary years. Children use this newly acquired learning capacity, along with mystery and adventure, to spark intrinsic motivation. A child, who previously soaked up concepts through the senses, can now imagine and bring ideas to life without physically experiencing them through tactile stimuli. 

Human consciousness comes into the world as a flaming ball of imagination. Everything invented by man, physical or mental, is the fruit of someone’s imagination.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Therefore, during the Second Plane of Abstraction, you can introduce interactive online programs to supplement your homeschooling journey and enhance specific skills. 

So, let me introduce to you a Night Zookeeper’s creative writing platform, where the power of imagination to create, write, and bring words and characters to life will flourish and transform children into strong thinkers and creative writers!

*Creative Writing Online Night Zookeeper Platform

The secret of good teaching is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to force him to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his inmost core.

Dr. Maria Montessori. To Educate the Human Potential

Sustaining the Burning Interest 

Curiosity ignites learning and nourishes the interest! Since to keep the passion for learning burning, you need fuel to sustain your child’s imagination and interest! And it is a child’s curiosity that will keep that fire of creativity continuously flowing! Children have an innate capacity to wonder, create, and test the outcome! During the Second Plane, a child’s innate curiosity in a matter of interest can lead to a long-lasting love of learning that will stay with a child for life! And at Night Zookeeper, children can run their magical virtual zoo, create and draw the magical characters that go with them through the Night Zoo, and write creatively about the animals and experiences they have there. And, although created as an interactive multi-sensorial experience, Night Zookeeper is not a game but a way to improve skills and teach to write. It allows a child to express oneself creatively and get excited and curious about personal writing. For example, Night Zookeeper offers incentives and encourages children to develop their thoughts more elaborately (for example: “…gain extra points by adding three adjectives,” or “challenge: see if you can add ‘to rephrase’ or ‘in summary’ to your paragraph…”). The process of continuous feedback and encouragement is beneficial for both emerging and strong writers. 

*Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper Montessori From The Heart
*Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper Montessori From The Heart
As a result, kindled by imagination and sustained by curiosity, at Night Zookeeper, children produce stories, reports, poems, and other creative writing styles with much natural enthusiasm and zeal.

Preventing Tapering of Flames of Learning 

However, curiosity will fade when the subject is too challengingirrelevant, or assigned in excess! And with more and more remote learning happening at home, we witness writing assignment overload. Granted, since a child is not participating in a classroom’s in-person discussions, teachers resort to assessing learning through written expression. However, while this might work for children who are good writers, for a child struggling to put words to paper, such a change can be a bucket of cold water poured over a flame. Moreover, the one-size-fits-all approach of the current academic institutions fails to consider a child’s preference for a writing style (such as creative writing and storytelling), motor coordination, ADD issues, fine motor skills, language-based processing differences, sensory issues, or executive function ability.

For example, some children struggle with deciding what they want to express in writing. In contrast, others lose track of thoughts when the fine motor skills associated with writing are not sufficiently developed due to lack of practice. 

Moreover, some schools now require children to learn different types of writing (such as descriptive, persuasive, expository, etc.) and Night Zookeeper touches on this, encouraging kids to write new and unique pieces in different styles. They have a way of making everything exciting and keeping kids interested, too, since there are plenty of options to choose from (headlines, story starters, videos, challenges, and more).

So, to reduce stress or anxiety some children associate with writing or to help children carry on the love of writing, rather than tapering of flames of learning, Night Zookeeper offers to practice writing creatively by adding an element of PLAY to the learning experience. “Play is the work of the child!” said Dr. Maria Montessori. In other words, children learn and grow through play. So, through such a fun and engaging learning experience, even a struggling writer will thrive. 

Night Zookeeper To Improve Homeschooling Writing

Dedicated to helping children practice and learn to write every step of the way, Night Zookeeper supports building vocabulary, grammar practice, and creative storytelling through a multi-sensory approach many children require to engage in learning. 

For example, a parent chooses an age or skill-appropriate level and can change it at any time. Also, parents receive access to a dashboard to monitor a child’s writings, achievements, and feedback from their tutor. 

Moreover, a child receives instant feedback from a tutor on every piece they write. Night Zookeeper characters encourage children to improve their writing through comments and the Night Zookeeper team of educators offers children personalized feedback. So, besides having another teacher on your homeschool writing team, a parent can monitor the progress to ensure that a child is not struggling with developmentally inappropriate tasks or over-assignment.

Thus, Night Zookeeper creates an interactive, multi-sensory learning experience where children can explore, imagine, create and share!

Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper

Creative Writing With Zookeeper
Creative Writing With Zookeeper

Don’t miss this special offer! Get a 7-day FREE trial and then get 50% off on the annual subscription. When you sign up, expect a bounty of creative inspiration to be coming your way! From online literacy games to personalized tutoring (administered by Night Zookeeper’s professional staff), your child’s creativity will be continuously flowing! You can expect engaging games to increase vocabulary and improve spelling. Also, puzzles and challenges will help develop grammar and structure skills, and inspiring prompts and story creation lessons will spark your child’s imagination!

Why Choose Better Screen Time

Online educational resources can be a valuable tool:

  • when traveling 
  • while waiting at a doctor’s office
  • during downtime instead of passively watching TV
  • when aiming to strengthen a specific academic skill
  • during the summer to prevent summer slide – a term to define children losing some of their academic skills during the summer season IF they are NOT engaged. Trust me; it is normal and healthy to have some summer slide! However, if you are looking for ways to prevent UNDOING the UNLEARNING from happening, then I have a solution for you! 
Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper Imagination
Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper Imagination

Our Personal Story With Night Zookeeper

Although skilled at math, we needed to focus on reading comprehension and writing skills with Adrian, who is seven years old. So, we were very excited to discover Night Zookeeper, an award-winning creative writing platform that helps improve the composition skills of children 5-12+-year-olds and makes learning engaging and fun! Remember, children are learning through play, and summer can be a fun time to play and learn together! And just because the ‘official’ state-mandatory curriculum is on halt until the Fall, that does not mean that playing and learning shall end too. 

Creative Writing With Zookeeper In The Car
Creative Writing With Zookeeper In The Car

So, Night Zookeeper was a perfect option for us to use during long car rides when children could not read due to motion sickness. Daily writing prompts, online literacy games, and competitions sparked their interest and ignited the love for creative writing! Trust me; theories do not ignite. However, novelty does! Night Zookeeper offers a different star-writing challenge each week, taking you to a dream adventure park, a UFO sighting, or a summer acrostic poem! 

While using Night Zookeeper’s creative and interactive program during the summer months, children are excited to continue using it during the academic school year to keep advancing their creative writing skills.

Creative Writing With Zookeeper My Animal Report
Creative Writing With Zookeeper My Animal Report

Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper

Why Choose Night Zookeeper

By signing up, children will get the following benefits:

  • Improved core writing and reading skills;
  • Language enrichment;
  • Personalized tutoring feedback administered by the professional staff;
  • Weekly lessons that incorporate interactive video elements and games to teach your children essential skills;
  • Publishing opportunities and weekly competitions with real-life prizes;
  • FREE Monthly Educational Printables 

What Children Had to Say | Julia (11 YR)
  • I like meeting new characters as I learn about different types of writing.
  • I like that tutors gave me personal feedback to make my writing even better!
  • I love being transformed into a whole new world! I can draw myself in a Night Zookeeper uniform while exploring my artistic side, and I like all sorts of writings prompts to save the Night Zoo!
What Children Had to Say | Adrian (7 YR)
  • I like it because I can create animals and then create stories about them. 
  • I like it because it encouraged me to learn more to unlock new lands.
  • My tutors ask me to use a lot of adjectives, and that made me think.
  • I am also learning a lot about punctuation.

Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper

So sample and taste, explore and experiment and do what ignites your child’s enthusiasm! We all want an eager learner and a happy child! Creative writing with Night Zookeeper’s online educational platform definitely inspired my children to fall in love with creative writing, improved their literacy skills, and allowed them to grow confident and driven in creative writing and self-expression!

Disclosure: Although I was compensated for my time in writing this post, I only share resources that I believe and trust work well for families like mine!

Don’t miss this special offer! Get a 7-day FREE trial and then get 50% off on the annual subscription. Additional children can be added at a fraction of the cost! More children can be added at a bespoke price.


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