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DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe

DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe

Easy to make DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe is inspiring for crafters, both children and adults, making a lovely heirloom gift.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Then, DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe is an absolute must! Let’s create your own little winter wonderland with a craft that is easy, affordable, and mesmerizing to watch! Children live snow globes, and it is even more fun when we can involve little people in the process while making them homemade. Besides, you can find most of the supplies required for this DIY craft at home. And, to add a personalized touch, ask a child to find a figurine to display in the snow globe.

*DIY Snow Globe Christmas Kids Craft
*DIY Snow Globe Christmas Kids Craft

You’ll Need To Make DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe:

  • a DIY snow globe container or a recycled jar ~ storage, jam, jelly, baby food, pimiento, and olive jars—whatever you have at home. (A wide-mouth jar is ideal for reaching into position and repositioning the details of your wintry scene.)
  • waterproof figurines (plastic, ceramic figurines, porcelain, LEGO figures, polymer clay snowman would work well; You can also use toy figurines like reindeer, skiers, carolers, or a jolly Santa~ avoid metal which is prone to rust, wood which prone to expand and painted items where the paint might stain water)
  • *glycerin or mineral oil or baby oil
  • glitter (use biodegradable glitter if possible)
  • sequins (optional)
  • distilled cold water
  • superglue or a hot glue gun
  • ribbon (optional)

DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe Instructions:

  1. Put glue on the inside of the jar’s lid. Place and stick objects/figurines on it. Let the glue dry thoroughly.
  2. Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water.
  3. Add a pinch of glitter. (Do not add too much, or the glitter will stick to the bottom of the jar when it’s flipped.)
  4. Add two teaspoons of glycerin.
  5. Screw the lid on the jar. You can glue it if you’re concerned about a child trying to open it.
  6. Optional: decorate your jar with a ribbon.
  7. Once complete, turn it and give it a shake, and watch the snow swirl inside.

*Glycerin is a clear liquid typically made from vegetable oils, which is widely used to slow down the effect of shaken water and glitter. Glycerin adds the effect of falling snow while keeping the “snow” suspended, so it falls correctly. Another option is to fill your jar with mineral oil or baby oil instead of using distilled water and glycerin.

DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe

DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe
DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe

Turn it and give it a shake, then watch the snowflakes fall. Snow globes are extremely fun to make, easy to vary the scene, and are therapeutic to watch!

DIY Snow-Globe from recycled jar
DIY Snow-Globe from a recycled jar

The above snow globe was made from a recycled jar.

Have you tried making a DIY Homemade Christmas Snow Globe? Leave a comment if you did!


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