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Snowflake Beads Threading Craft


Snowflake beads threading craft for kids is a fun fine motor exercise to promote hand-eye coordination and dexterity skills while learning an essential practical life skill.

Practical life activities, like threading, are essential to the Montessori environment. They allow children to work independently on a task while developing stamina and concentration. Most importantly, threading helps children develop fine motor skills essential for being able to later write, draw, button, tie shoelaces, zip a jacket, open lunch boxes, and more. Threading also helps to develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity skills. Besides, with this snowflake beads threading craft, your little one is gaining confidence and independence while practicing an essential motor skill.

Snowflake Pipe Cleaner Beading Activity

You’ll Need for Snowflake Beads Threading Craft

*Snowflake Pipe Cleaner Beading Activity Craft
*Snowflake Pipe Cleaner Beading Activity Craft

Snowflake Beads Threading Craft Tutorial:

  1. To make one snowflake, you will need two pipe cleaners. Choose either white or silver. Cut each in half. Put one-half aside, since you will need just three halves, each is about 6 “inches long. 
  2. Make a cross from two pipe cleaners and twist them in the middle.
  3. Add a third pipe cleaner and twist again in the middle. Now, you have six branches. 
  4. Start threading pony beads on each branch. 
  5. Once you threaded a desired number of beads, twist a pipe cleaner’s end, so that the beads do not fall off. 

Pipe Cleaner Threading As a Pre-Writing Tool

The main benefit of threading for children is that it improves fine motor skills since threading beads strengthens the small muscles in children’s hands as they grasp different beads. Fine motor skills children use with beading are similar to hand movements they use when gripping a large pencil. Thus, beading is an awesome pre-writing activity to advance motor control.


Pipe Cleaner Threading As a Math Tool

Moreover, threading with beads, besides developing essential fine motor skills, can also be used to introduce young children to a variety of mathematical concepts such as counting and patterncolors, and even shapes. For example, invite your child to count aloud each bead as they thread it on a pipe cleaner. Enunciate clearly the cardinal number ~ the last (and total) number of beads threaded. Choosing ten beads per branch will promote rational counting and encourage a child to count to ten in a meaningful active manner. 

What kind of of pipe cleaner threading activities have you tried? Leave a comment!


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