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Four Seasons Toddler Finger-Painting

Four Seasons Trees Toddler Finger Painting Process art

Four Seasons tree toddler finger-painting is a creative and educational process art to refine fine motor control and dexterity, while promoting creativity.

Toddler arts and crafts are fun to develop motor skills, boost dexterity, and improve hand-eye coordination. Besides, your little artist promotes self-esteem while building confidence through creative expression! So, when conversations about seasonal change inevitably spark off, use this hands-on way to discuss seasons! Alternatively, if you live in an area with no seasonal change, you can bring seasons to life with this super fun craft! Most importantly, messy not so messy form of art is a creative, educational, and fun way to promote innovation, encourage self-expression, and enhance decision-making skills. So, grab the printable, and let’s dive into the Four Seasons Toddler Finger-Painting process!

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Four Seasons-Tree-Finger-Painting-Kids Toddler Craft #seasonstree

Skills At Play

  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine motor control and dexterity as art and craft projects involve moving of the hands and fingers
  • learning through play while fostering imagination and creativity

Toddler Crafts | Four Seasons Toddler Finger-Painting

Messy arts and crafts using a brush, sponge, or finger painting are very important for early childhood development since they help the body and brain integrate tactile information creatively. Process art is perfect for little artists since the focus lies in creating the work, not the outcome! During this fun artistic process, your child learns how colors work, especially color mixing, while developing spatial awareness and sensory integration. And it’s a creative, fun, and artistic exploration!

Four Seasons Trees Toddler Finger Painting Process art
Four Seasons Trees Toddler Finger Painting Process art

You’ll Need for Four Seasons Toddler Finger-Painting


First, download and print the Seasons Trees PDF. Cut along the dotted lines. Offer your child to arrange the seasonal cards in a circle, emphasizing no beginning or end but rather a continuous cycle. 

Next, ask your child to pick a color to associate with each season. Depending on your environment, you might witness and associate different colors. Or, if you live in a temperate climate and do not witness a lot of seasonal change, read books featuring the four seasons. After discussing the seasons, offer your child to choose paints accordingly to use for each season.

Finally, invite your child to finger paint each tree, representing a particular season. 

AGE 1 Y+. Always supervise your child!

Four Seasons Toddler Finger-Painting


The Importance of Sensory Play

  1. It stimulates the senses. (When multiple sensory stimuli are triggered, new synapses develop within a growing brain.)
  2. It promotes cognitive growth.
  3. It strengthens fine motor control by exercising small muscles of the hands. 
  4. Sensory play spurs creative exploration.
  5. It promotes language development.
  6. Finally, sensory play increases focus and attention.

Have you tried Four Seasons Toddler Finger-Painting? Leave a comment if you did!


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