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Patriotic Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM

Patriot 4th of July SHAVING CREAM STEM Experiment Raining in a Jar

Red, blue, and while rain-cloud in a jar is fun kids’ STEM science experiment to celebrate the 4th of July or any other Patriotic Holiday with materials you have at home.

You can conduct this fun and easy science experiment to explore weather by using only blue coloring. Alternatively, by adding red coloring as well, you can turn this activity into a Patriotic Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM science experiment. This activity is fun for preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary ages kids. Besides being hands-on, visual, and engaging, it’s a great learning exercise as well as children get to practice fine motor work by using a dropper.

Patriot 4th of July SHAVING CREAM STEM Experiment Raining in a Jar
Patriot 4th of July SHAVING CREAM STEM Experiment Raining in a Jar

You’ll Need for Patriotic Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM

Patriotic Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM

Patriotic Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM


This Patriotic Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM experiment is straightforward to conduct at home.

  1. First, fill a jar with tap water, leaving about an inch between the surface of the water and the edge of the jar.
  2. Then spray shaving foam on the top or water. (Spray enough to stick up above the jar. This will represent the cloud.
  3. Now, let your child drip some food coloring directly onto the shaving cream and watch what happens! Observe your experiment for a while to see all the changes.

Patriot 4th of July SHAVING CREAM STEM Experiment Raining in a Jar
Patriot 4th of July SHAVING CREAM STEM Experiment Raining in a Jar

Try this experiment the classic way, by using only blue food coloring to explore the weather, or add some color and make a rainbow rain cloud in a jar.

Rainbow Raining in A Jar Kids STEM


Please note, when you conduct this experiment as a weather cloud precipitation, drop the coloring on top of the shaving foam and watch the drops slowly make their way through the “clouds” into the water. (Be patient.) If you notice that drops are not sinking down, you can push the dropper a little bit more into the shaving cream, but be careful not to push too far so as not to end up in the water.

The Science of Cloud Formation: 

Cloud forms when water vapors rise into the air. When vapors meet cold air, however, they condense and turn into tiny droplets of water. Then droplets start sticking together, forming a cloud. When a cloud accumulates enough water droplets and becomes too heavy, unable to hold the droplets, the water falls down as rain through a process of precipitation.

In the rain cloud in a jar experiment, the clouds are represented by shaving cream, and the colored water represents the rain. As a child drops the colored water into the shaving foam cloud, the weight of the water forces itself through the cloud to “rain” down into the jar.

Have you tried Rain-Cloud in a Jar STEM experiment? Leave a comment if you did.

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