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Popsicle-Stick Leprechaun Puppets Craft

*St Patrick Day Puppets Craft

St. Patrick’s Day DO-A-DOT Toddler Activities to promote fine motor control and popsicle-stick Leprechaun puppets craft to bring nursery rhymes life.

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate with little ones! From DIY rainbows to counting coins, to exploring creativity while creating ‘perfect traps” your child will be actively learning through FUN and ENGAGING invitations to play! Besides, popsicle-stick Leprechaun puppets craft and DO-A-DOT toddler activities are an amazing tool to promote fine motor skills as well as practice the very first fisted grip! With my 40+ PAGE St Patricks’ Day Printable, you no longer need to swim endlessly in the ocean of Pinterest pinning crafts and activities you never get to! With this digital resource, you can CLICK | PRINT | GO, saving time from endless research or preparations. Most importantly, my printables are designed to promote ACTIVE HANDS-ON play-based learning, making homeschooling FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and OPEN-ENDED.

This St Patrick’s Activity Pack features hand-painted high-quality watercolor images that can be displayed as art!

With this 46-page St Patrick’s Montessori Kids Activity Pack, little hands will be busy and minds agile! Just CLICK | PRINT | GO and keep little ones happily engaged in active learning! We all know workbooks are boring! However, children LOVE learning through HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES where little hands are dotting, imprinting, connecting, clipping, matching, and manipulating!  Experiential learning or “learning by doing” is an essential constituent of the Montessori teaching method. This pack was carefully designed to stimulate the senses and engage children in ACTIVE learning to support early development. Hands-on activities encourage “experiential” learning, as opposed to the more traditional comparably passive model of lecture and drill exercises. With this St Patrick’s Montessori Pack, repetition is accomplished by having a variety of prompts with which to practice the same concept, thus leading to mastery of the concept. These activities will engage little hands and trigger various skills while young absorbing minds are soaking up information intuitively, spontaneously, and with ease!

Popsicle-Stick Leprechaun Puppets Craft



Research shows that children who are exposed to poetry and nursery rhymes at a young age, develop an early sensitivity to language sounds and eventually become better readers. And bringing poetry to LIFE with PUPPETS allows for hands-on ACTIVE learning which spurs interest, promotes imagination, and ignites the love of learning! MAKE LEARNING FUN!

St. Patrick’s Day DO-A-DOT Toddler Activities

Dot-to-dot activities are wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination and visual motor control as a lot of concentration goes into completing a dot-a-dot! A child is also practicing color recognition, shade discrimination, and matching! Working on a dot-to-dot is a great way to strengthen hand and finger muscles in preparation for writing. During early childhood, (18M+) developing vital muscles children will be using throughout their lifetime is crucial. By holding a chunky marker children are practicing rudimentary handwriting skills which are a valuable pre-writing teaching tool. Children learn to discern and create shapes, focus on a grip, and learn how much pressure to apply to the paper. Fisted grip or palmar-supinate grasp is the FIRST pencil grip your 18M + will develop where movement is initiated from the shoulder by holding a marker with a palm and thumb is uppermost. This is an important first pre-writing stage for little ones!

We are using HERE rainbow dot markers. Or buy similar on Amazon HERE.


It allows little people to engage in kinesthetic learning by doing! Hands-on learning is the common name for ‘Experiential Learning’ – the philosophical term behind the method of immersing oneself in a process in order to learn it. Experiential Learning has been around since 350 BCE, when Aristotle wrote, “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”. Most importantly, hands-on learning is uniquely positioned to support or elevate ANY type of learner! Best of all, research has proven that children who learn using hands-on methods with manipulatives outperform those who are not. What are manipulatives? They are physical tools engaging children visually and physically with objects such as figurines, blocks, loose items, etc. The use of manipulatives is constructive because little people are actively engaged in discovery by TOUCHING, TRANSFERRING & MANIPULATING during the learning process.

Have you done any Popsicle-Stick Leprechaun Puppets Crafts? Leave a comment!


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