Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft

Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Apples Sensory Craft for kids

Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft for preschoolers and kindergartners to promote motor control and creativity while triggering the senses.

Crafts incorporating the combination of the senses, such as touch and sight, are called sensory crafts. So, besides expressing their creative side, children get to heighten and trigger a certain sense while crafting. For example, when a craft has a raised textured surface, a child gets to stimulate their tactile sense. Moreover, various color combinations will trigger a child’s visual sense. Making crafts from different grains or homemade dyed rice adds a textured 3D feel to the end result. Besides, making dyed grain, like barley, is identical to making dyed rice, and it takes very little time. Children of all ages will enjoy dyed-grains apple sensory crafts, which are fun to make and fun to touch.

Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft

Dyed Barley Kids Apple Crafts
Dyed Barley Kids Apple Crafts

Benefits Of Sensory Crafts

Sensory crafts and activities play an essential role in children’s cognitive development. For example, when children can explore through their senses—touch, sight, smell, sound, or taste—they learn more about themselves and how the world around them works. As children utilize their senses, they develop memories and associations that will help them solve problems or make decisions later in life.

You’ll Need to Make Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft

  • recycled cardboard
  • scissors or a craft knife
  • expired or otherwise non-edible grains or rice
  • a recycled jar or a zip lock bag
  • glue
  • (optional) markers to color the stem and leaves

Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Apples Sensory Craft for kids
Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Apples Sensory Craft for kids

So, here I used:

  • dyed barley
  • dyed rice 🍚
  • red and green lentils

Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft

To make dyed barley, follow the exact steps to make dyed rice.

Home-made dyed rainbow rice recipe

Download Dyed Rice Recipe PDF Below

Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft Recipe

Follow the instructions on how to make the dyed rice and make the following modifications to make dyed barley

  1. Besides adding food coloring, also add metallic acrylic paint
  2. Shake the jar to spread the color evenly.
  3. Lay flat to dry.
  4. Optional: Bake at 250 F for 5-10 minutes to facilitate drying and kill any potential bacteria that might reside in the raw grain. 

Video Tutorial

Senses At Play

So, with this Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Craft, your child is stimulating:

  • tactile sense by exploring different textures of grains and rice.
  •  A visual sense while pouring grain on apple cut-out (hand-eye coordination).
  • An auditory sense when shaking the rice or hearing the grain flow.  

Dyed GraiDyed Grain Apple Sensory Craft for Kids n Apple Craft for Kids
Dyed Grain Apple Craft for Kids

Process Art

Process Arts and crafts are essential for early childhood development since this type of craft helps the brain and body integrate information in a creative way. With process art, the focus lies in the creation of the work – the process – and not the outcome! So, it is perfect for little artists. During this fun creative process, your child might learn how colors work or which complimentary color enhances its neighboring color while developing spatial awareness and sensory integration.

Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Pumpkins Craft

We also made similar crafts with pumpkin cutouts.

Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Pumpkins Craft
Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Pumpkins Craft

These types of crafts are perfect for fall or any season as they are easy to modify or suit any theme.

Have you tried Dyed-Grains Apples Sensory Crafts? Leave a comment if you did. And which one was your favorite?
Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Pumpkins Sensory Craft for kids
Grain Lentils Dyed Rice Pumpkins Sensory Craft for kids

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