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Welcome to my shop where I hope to inspire the love of learning through the hands-on fun educational sensory play. This Small World Play Kit can be modified for many ages, including babies. Also, with the Arctic Learning Kit, your child will be developing fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, dexterity and more! 

WHAT is inside your Arctic Sensory Learning Kit:

  1. (5) Land Animals Figurines
  2. (4) Sea Animals Figurines
  3. (2) pine trees
  4. 2 oz non-toxic white play dough (recipe to make your own no-cook home-made play-dough included)
  5. 7″ wooden roller pin
  6. a metal snowflake cookie cutter
  7. a wooden double-sided snowflake stamp
  8. blue hydrogels
  9. an aluminum tin (8x6x2) to hold your hydrogels (freezer friendly)
  10. instant snow
  11. a Ziploc Slider Storage Bags ~ Quart Size
  12. Montessori 3 Part Animals Matching Cards PDF (emailed)
  13. Instruction card for hydrogels and snow-making Included


1. PLAY DOUGH play [AGE 8M+]; roll & stamp [1Y+]; cookie-cutter [2Y+] Play-dough strengthen little fingers and hands which in turn helps your child with acquiring a strong pencil grip. Playdough also fosters creativity and imagination.

2. place hydrogels into a zip-lock bag for BABY-SAFE sensory play [AGE 6M+]

3. animal MATCHING cards [AGE 17M+]

4. playdough animal FOOTPRINTS [AGE 3Y+]

5. hydrogels “OCEAN” sensory bin [AGE 2Y+]

6. FROZEN hydrogels Polar Ice Cap sensory bin [AGE 3Y+]

7. instant snow MAKING [AGE 2Y+]

8. instant snow coloring [AGE 3Y+]

9. SORTING animals land vs sea [AGE 3Y+]

10. SUBITIZING [AGE 5Y+] • MATH Invitation to APPROXIMATE • An extension to use hydrogels ~ grab a recycled egg carton, cut 2 egg- compartments, leaving just 10. While the child is not looking, fill your egg carton with a random number of hydrogel beads (1 bead per compartment) and ask your child to tell you the total number without actually counting. Subitizing is being able to instantly recognize, without counting, the number of objects present in a small group. Helping children pick up this skill at a young age will allow them to move quickly to developmental math strategies in the future.

Note: Items may vary slightly from kit to kit


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to fight global warming 

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Included with this set are Montessori 3-Part Matching Cards, which are emailed to you. You can also read here more about Matching Stages for Montessori 3-Part-Cards. 

I would suggest using this heavy cardstock or this photo paper to print your cards on. (I am loving the Canon printer.)

I would also advise with smaller children to choose just 3 cards and 3 animals and present Montessori 3-Period Lesson:

In a nutshell:

(1P) This is ______.          

(2P) Will you show me ______?        

(3P) What is this?  

I have a very detailed blog post explaining it all here Montessori 3🅿️🌠 Three Period Lesson • 1st of 6 Phonetical Set: s m a t ~ we are using Language objects but the concept is applicable across the border.

I would love to hear from you whether you and your family enjoyed the Kit and if you liked it, please, share the love and leave a review at my shop under that Learning Kit. And, if we are connected on Instagram, I would LOVE to see my learning kits in action: either in Stories or as a post! Please, make sure to tag me @MontessoriFromTheHeart so that I get notified and I will feature you in my Stories.  

©2019 Montessori From The Heart ~ All Rights Reserved ~ This material is for personal use only and may not be shared or distributed in any form. My kits are for educational purposes only, so please use common sense when implementing my lessons since I can not be held liable for anything that transpires should you follow any of my suggestions or tutorials. Always supervise your children while they are learning through play, especially with small children as some items might be a choking hazard. 

♡ Xoxo~ Enriching the mind one heart at a time ~

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2 reviews for Arctic Learning Kit

  1. Pamela (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect for the kids! They loved playing with this ALL week long. Stashed it away for next year so we can play again! ❤️

    • Anya (verified owner)

      I am so glad! Thank you very much for your support! So happy you liked it, Xo

  2. Pamela Taylor (verified owner)

    Wonderful and a ton of fun for the kids all week long. Storing it for next year, replay.

    • Anya (verified owner)

      Ohh, thank you so much, Pamela! My heart is rejoicing, Xo

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