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Easter Montessori Activities Printable


A hands-on play-based Easter Montessori Activities Printable Pack for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners to promote fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, literacy, numeracy skills, logic, spatial awareness, and more!


With this 58 page Easter Montessori Activities Printable, little hands will be busy and minds agile! Just CLICK | PRINT | GO and keep little ones happily engaged in ACTIVE learning! We all know workbooks are boring! However, children LOVE learning through HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES where little hands are dotting, imprinting, connecting, clipping, matching, and manipulating!


Experiential learning or “learning by doing” is an essential constituent of the Montessori teaching method. This pack was carefully designed to stimulate the senses and engage children in ACTIVE learning to support early development. Hands-on activities encourage “experiential” learning, as opposed to the more traditional comparably passive model of lecture and drill exercises. With this Easter Montessori Activities Printable Pack, repetition is accomplished by having a variety of prompts with which to practice the same concept, thus leading to mastery of the concept. These activities will engage little hands and trigger various skills while young absorbing minds are soaking up information intuitively, spontaneously, and with ease!

THIS PACK is a SINGLE-FAMILY USE! Print as many copies for your OWN children, but please do NOT share with friends and do NOT use as a classroom resource.


Easter Montessori Activity Pack

Having been sharing our hands-on invitations to learn and play on Instagram, I now offer a digital resource you can CLICK | PRINT | GO to save you time from endless research or preparations. My printables are designed to promote ACTIVE HANDS-ON play-based learning, making homeschooling FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and OPEN-ENDED. *If you laminate prior to use, you can use these resources OVER and OVER again! AND along with the digital download, you also get to see ACTIVITIES IN ACTION! So, you get a RESOURCE + ways to PLAY at your fingertips!

INSIDE Easter Montessori Activities Printable


  • PAGE 2: [AGE 1 Y+] KIDS NURSERY RHYMES | POETRY ~ Easter Bunny. Read this poem to a child periodically. Use PAGE 3 to create puppets and bring a story to life. Research shows that children who have memorized nursery rhymes develop an early sensitivity to language sounds and become better readers.
  • PAGE 3: [AGE 2 Y+] DECORATE A SCENE ~ Cut out the elements and place (or glue) them on a background. Optional: tape cutouts to craft sticks to make puppets.
  • PAGE 4 – 10: [AGE 18 M +]  DO A DOT | FINE MOTOR perfect for toddlers and preschoolers ~ use dot markers, finger paint or a pom pom dipped in paints to fill in Easter objects.
  • PAGE 11: [AGE 15 M+] TODDLER HALVES PUZZLE | LOGIC ~ Cut out the Easter cards along the dotted lines. Thereafter, cut each card in half and invite a child to assemble the puzzle. (Optional: print another copy and leave it intact to use as control cards.)
  • PAGE 12 – 14: [AGE 2 Y+] Offer a child to color and decorate the egg.
  • PAGE 15 – 17: [AGE 4 +] Color the Egg by Addition/ Subtraction
  • PAGE 18 – 19: [AGE 1.5 Y+] PRE-WRITING STROKES | FOLLOW THE LINE | mastering pre-writing strokes ~ see HERE a detailed post explaining pre-writing strokes in detail, as well as showing you different ways to follow the line. You can also trace in dyed rice or salt. See dyed rice recipe HERE.
  • PAGE 20: MONTESSORI NOMENCLATURE 3-Part Cards in a Nutshell and how to use them.
  • PAGE 21 24: [2 Y M+] Easter WORDS | Enreaching Vocabulary Montessori 3- part cards
  • PAGE 25: BLANK CONTROL 5-STRIP PUZZLE for pages 26 and 27
  • PAGE 26 – 27 [AGE 2 Y+] STRIP PUZZLE 1-5 | SPACIAL AWARENESS ~ cut along the dotted lines and invite a child to assemble the cut-strips in order. Control of error is a picture and also the sequential numerical order.
  • PAGE 28: [AGE 3 Y+] *SKIP COUNTING by 2s – EVEN NUMBERS (as requested)
  • PAGE 29: [AGE 3.5 Y+] *SKIP COUNTING – ODD NUMBERS (as requested)
  • PAGE 30 [AGE 4 Y+] *BLANK 5 STRIP PUZZLE (hardest since a child does not have a numerical sequence as control of error) *as requested
  • PAGE 31: BLANK CONTROL 8-STRIP PUZZLE for pages 32 and 33
  • PAGE 32: [AGE 2.5 Y+] STRIP PUZZLE 1-8 | SPACIAL AWARENESS ~ cut along the dotted lines and invite a child to assemble the cut-strips in order. Control of error is a picture and also the sequential numerical order.
  • PAGE 33 [AGE 4 Y+] *BLANK 8 STRIP PUZZLE (hardest since a child does not have a numerical sequence as control of error) *as requested
  • PAGE 34: BLANK CONTROL  10-STRIP PUZZLE for page 35
  • PAGE 35: [AGE 3 Y+] STRIP PUZZLE 1-10  | SPACIAL AWARENESS ~ cut along the dotted lines and invite a child to assemble the cut-strips in order. Control of error is a picture and also the sequential numerical order.
  • PAGE 36 [AGE 4.5 Y+] *SKIP COUNTING BY 10s PUZZLE  (as requested)
  • PAGE 37 – 40: [AGE 2 Y+] Easter Montessori 1-10 COUNTING CARDS ~ Invite a child to use clothespins, a stamp, dry erase marker or finger dipped in paint to mark the correct number among the (3) listed, that represent the corresponding quantity of objects pictured.
  • PAGE 41: Common Core State Standards
  • PAGE 42: One-To-One Correspondence ~ ROTE vs RATIONAL counting
  • PAGE 43: [AGE 2 Y+] DOT THE EGG | NUMERACY ~ Finger or pom pom paint each egg and count each ALOUD. Connect counting to cardinality and practice numeral to quantity association and One-to-One correspondence. 
  • PAGE 44 – 46: [AGE 2.5 Y+] I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE | LOGIC ~ Find, count, and record cardinality. (The last number name used gives the total number of objects (how many). This is called the cardinal number. Thus cardinality is the total number/quantity of items in a set. (The answer is given in light gray.)
  • PAGE 47 – 51: [AGE 3  Y+] ALPHABET MATCHING | LITERACY  ~ MATCH LOWER TO UPPER CASE LETTER PUZZLE. Control of error: each egg set will fit together like a puzzle. Included is the order of presenting the alphabet according to the Montessori Language curriculum. Optional: laminate for durability.
  • PAGE 52  – 53: [AGE 3 Y+] SHAPE RECOGNITION | GEOMETRY  ~ Cut out the shapes from PAGE 53 and match them to the identical shapes on the page 52. Optional: laminate the page for durability and offer to trace over with a dry erase marker.
  • PAGE 54 55:  [AGE 2 YR +] COLOR RECOGNITION | SENSORIAL ~Cut out colorful circles from PAGE 55 and match them to the ones on PAGE 54, by overlaying the one that indicates the correct color name. Start with primary colors first (1st row: yellow, red, and blue primary ) and then introduce secondary (2nd row: green, purple, and orange. Optional: laminate the page after printing and before cutting for durability and multiple uses.
  • PAGE 56 – 57: [AGE 2 YR +] CUTTING STRIPS | SCISSOR SKILLS ✂️ ~ cut along the dotted lines  ~ see HERE a detailed post about the proper scissors skills, the progression, and at what age to start introducing scissors.

DIY Laminating Tracing Hack | Easter Montessori Activities Printable

If you do NOT have a laminating machine, make sure to check out the DIY HACK below!

*DIY Laminating Tracing Hack

*DIY Laminating Tracing Hack



MORE Montessori Tracing Trays Ideas

DIY Montessori Tracing Trays

DIY Montessori Tracing Trays


BELOW SEE HOW TO VIDEOS using a St Patrick’s printable (purchase HERE)





Research shows that children who are exposed to poetry and nursery rhymes at a young age, develop an early sensitivity to language sounds and eventually become better readers. And bringing poetry to LIFE with PUPPETS allows for hands-on ACTIVE learning which spurs interest, promotes imagination, and ignites the love of learning! MAKE LEARNING FUN!


Dot-to-dot activities are wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination and visual motor control as a lot of concentration goes into completing a dot-a-dot! A child is also practicing color recognition, shade discrimination, and matching! Working on a dot-to-dot is a great way to strengthen hand and finger muscles in preparation for writing. During early childhood, (18M+) developing vital muscles children will be using throughout their lifetime is crucial. By holding a chunky marker children are practicing rudimentary handwriting skills which are a valuable pre-writing teaching tool. Children learn to discern and create shapes, focus on a grip, and learn how much pressure to apply to the paper. Fisted grip or palmar-supinate grasp is the FIRST pencil grip your 18M + will develop where movement is initiated from the shoulder by holding a marker with a palm and thumb is uppermost. This is an important first pre-writing stage for little ones!

 St Patrick’s Montessori Counting Cards






You can either invite a child to assemble loose strips as a puzzle OR glue the strips to the BLANK control chart.

St Patrick's 8-STRIP Kids PUZZLE

St Patrick’s 8-STRIP Kids PUZZLE





  • To laminate, you can use an IRON instead of a laminating machine. (I am using these thermal laminating pouches). HOW: set your iron at a low temperature, as if you would iron silk. To be safe, place plain paper OVER the laminating sheet and iron over it. (See HERE how I did it making a flower bookmark.)
  • Alternatively, you can use sheet protectors and insert your pages into it, and then use a dry erase marker
  • Cut corners can be pointy, so I am using a corner rounder.
  • For a quicker and more precise straight cutting, I am using a paper trimmer instead of scissors.
  • Buy rainbow dot markers HERE Or buy similar on Amazon HERE.


PRINT on 8.5 x 11″ letter size paper in LANDSCAPE. *Make sure to check off “fit to printable area.”

Follow the instructions on each page.

My materials are created with high-quality images and are thoughtfully designed from the heart.

© 2021 Montessori From The Heart

My printables are subject to copyright law and are for your PERSONAL use ONLY. You may NOT share, resell, or redistribute them in any form. You may NOT gift, email, share, link or feature this PDF on any website, blog, forum, etc. You MAY post a picture of this material in action on your social media channels, and/or blog/website, etc., however, please TAG @MontessoriFromTheHeart on Instagram and/or include a link to my blog

My materials are for educational purposes only, so please use common sense when implementing my lessons since I can not be held liable for anything that transpires should you follow any of my suggestions or tutorials. Always supervise your children while they are learning through play, especially with little ones as small items might be a choking hazard.


Safety Precautions:

All of the activities in © Montessori From The Heart ♡ store are to be supervised by an ADULT. As the caregiver of your child, you are the best person to assess the abilities of your child. Please take note and be aware of a child who is still mouthing items or is unsafe with small objects that could be placed in the nose, ears, or mouth. The owner of © Montessori From The Heart ♡ disclaims all liability for any damage, mishap, or injury that may occur from engaging in activities in this curriculum. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to monitor the child. Use these activities at your own discretion.

Terms & Conditions:

  • This product is to be used ONLY by the original downloader.
  • This product is licensed for SINGLE use and is intended for ONE-FAMILY household ONLY. You may use it with your own multiple children only ~ NO friends or classroom use, please.
  • Redistributing, selling, editing, or posting this item or any part thereof is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the owner.
  • You may make copies for your personal use but will need to purchase a school license for use in multiple classrooms or schools in different locations ~ please email me
  • When blogging or posting about these printables, please give credit back to Montessori From the Heart by hyperlinking to my website and tagging me as @MontessoriFromTheHeart on Instagram, where you can also see the behind the scenes of Insta Stories where I share our daily homeschooling activities.
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  • We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.
  • If you have any questions regarding this or other of my materials, please email me at



It allows little people to engage in kinesthetic learning by doing! Hands-on learning is the common name for ‘Experiential Learning’ – the philosophical term behind the method of immersing oneself in a process in order to learn it. Experiential Learning has been around since 350 BCE, when Aristotle wrote, “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”. Most importantly, hands-on learning is uniquely positioned to support or elevate ANY type of learner! Best of all, research has proven that children who learn using hands-on methods with manipulatives outperform those who are not. What are manipulatives? They are physical tools engaging children visually and physically with objects such as figurines, blocks, loose items, etc. The use of manipulatives is constructive because little people are actively engaged in discovery by TOUCHING, TRANSFERRING & MANIPULATING during the learning process.

♡ Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time ♡
Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time

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Love this printable! It have a lot of beautiful activities 😍 love the bright colors!!! Love that both of my kids can use them (2-6 yrs) ! I highly recommend it !!!!

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Lifesaver during chaotic family holidays 😬

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I am so glad! Thank you! Make sure to check out the new Summer pack! Xo Anya

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Easter package

Colorful, variety of activities with instructions for educational application, great price. Thanks.

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it! Make sure to check the new Seaside Summer Mega Pack! Xo Anya

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