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This Montessori Method Parenting Book – Bringing Montessori Home THE BASICS – is the first in the series of books to help you understand and hopefully embrace the Montessori method, making it a part of you, your home and your family. Here, you will find the information that will help you start Montessori now no matter how small your space is or how limited the resources are. I will try to offer you glimpses of everything I have learned, even if briefly. 


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What’s in this Montessori Method Parenting Book:

I hope to share with you my passion for education, and what I have learned during our incredible homeschooling journey so that parents and educators can take advantage of the golden period of child’s Absorbent Mind. Before embracing Montessori, I had no idea how crucial the first six years of life are for building a strong foundational blueprint for later academic mastery, cognitive strength, and effective social skills! During the period called “The Absorbent Mind” children have extraordinary abilities to learn almost effortlessly! From birth through approximately the age of six, young children experience a period of intense mental activity that allows them to absorb information from their environment quickly and easily without conscious effort. They are indeed like sponges!

And Maria Montessori outlined very specific windows of opportunity, magical pivotal periods, when children are biologically ready and receptive to acquiring a particular skill or ability – be it language, math, reading, etc. During such periods of exceptional sensitivity to specific stimuli, a child tends to produce spontaneous bouts of concentration and repetition, and they soak up specific concepts, knowledge, and information effortlessly, spontaneously, and with remarkable ease! However, these periods are fleeting, and once the “window” is closed, the same knowledge or skill must be learned the hard way – through mundane repetition and memorization.

Why Homeschool Montessori?

So, in my ebook, I outline these windows – sensitive periods from birth till age six, as well as planes of development from birth till adulthood. You will also find a chapter on babies, with gross and fine motor development charts and the significance of myelination. Moreover, I will be sharing “Why Montessori?” and the beautiful goals of the Montessori Primary Program, which you can achieve at home!

Most importantly, I am sharing our 2 to 6-year-old curriculum outline reference guide, the order of lessons, and the age when they should be introduced, in my opinion. The curriculum outlines for each of the five areas of Montessori education are in chapters 8 through 12, numbered Roman Numerals I – V. Note, the curriculum outline on the five main Montessori subjects is not a comprehensive homeschooling manual! (I might consider as the next step in a series to dwell more in-depth, where each book focuses on just one subject – e.i. Literacy, Numeracy, or Practical Life.)

Why do you need this Montessori Method Parenting Book?

This current ebook the “BASICs” offers a lot of information for you to start. However, it is impossible to cover everything very extensively. To sum up, I am offering you pivoting information, presented in an organized manner, with graphs and charts, about what I have learned during the ten-year research, while devouring numerous books and resources, taking notes, organizing the key points and creating outlines.

Most importantly, I am sharing what has WORKED for us as well as which aspects of Montessori philosophy are the most useful. In doing so I wish that parents and educators can bring Montessori home and not miss any critical developmental windows of sensitivity when children learn like sponges! I hope you will follow along and welcome from the heart this beautiful and wholesome method that centers on the CHILD “[a] human being to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.” – Maria Montessori, MD. And, deep in my heart, I hope to ignite in you and your child the love of learning! And I hope to make the educational process desirable and less daunting!  

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle. 



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