Array Button BABY Socks Hack
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Button BABY Socks Hack

Button BABY Socks Hack

A surprise button found on baby’s sock will promote grasping and pulling, strengthening small and large muscles of a body with this simple hack.

Discovering one’s feet with this super easy hack by sewing a button on a baby sock! As Adrian was approaching his sixth month birthday, his inquisitiveness has reached his feet: he was grabbing, pulling, trying to suckle on his toes – it was time to keep him entertained. So, I decided to make his feet “interesting” by sewing a large button and a bell on his socks for him to explore. (I also sewed a red ribbon to the other pair of socks.)

Adrian was so excited when he discovered … his feet with a surprise!


During the exploration process, he kept pulling his neck forward, which is a great gross-motor abdominal exercise. 

 And, he giggled every time the bell rang. 

Button BABY Socks Hack Tips

When sewing the button and a bell, I attached another smaller button to the underside of both socks for additional strength. Observing one’s feet like this works a wide range of muscles, and increases concentration. Also, working those little fingers which are grabbing, pulling, and manipulating objects sewn to socks promotes fine-motor skills. However, most importantly, the socks kept him happy while I had a chance to catch up and make dinner.

Have you tried sewing anything to your child’s socks?   Do share your Button BABY Socks Hacks!

Make sure that socks are snug enough so that the child does not pull them off right away. 


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