Array Mega Blocks Animal Puzzle

DIY Stickers Mega Blocks Animal Puzzle


Today, we are making a DIY puzzle similar to this LEGO DUPLO puzzle, but at a fraction of the cost. What you will need:

  • mega blocks (or you can use LEGO DUPLO pieces or even wooden blocks – use what you have!)
  • stickers (buy Animal sticker book here and Farm with matching foods here)

HOW: find pairs of matching color mega blocks (you can use sets of two or even three). Adrian came up with this DIY while I was making this activity. (Hooray to child’s initiative and creativity!)

So, here are a few ways you can make and present this DIY:

  • place one animal sticker on two blocks (so you will end up with two parts of the animal), as he did with a fish or a donkey
  • alternatively, you can use one large block and two smaller blocks for one animal (as he did with a pig)
  • you can also match an animal to the food it eats: so you will place an animal on one block and the food it eats on the other (for example, a bunny, frog and a cow)
  • lastly, you can use three smaller blocks to create a three-parts of the animal puzzle (like he did with a cheetah and a rhinoceros)

You will then have to carefully cut with a knife along the lines where the puzzle pieces meet (make sure an adult does it!) Present all the pieces mixed up and invite your child to assemble each puzzle set. As a control of error, the matching pairs are also matching in color.

Puzzles are an amazing tool to develop cognitive and social skills, advance fine motor development, problem-solving and more! From early childhood, puzzles challenge our minds and keep little hands busy! There are so many types of puzzles: from alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals, to color-puzzles, geography, transportation, art and more! Through puzzles, children are exposed to these topics in a fun way, while challenging problem-solving and reasoning skill.

Please, always supervise your children while they are learning through play. You can see this activity on Instagram here.

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