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Adrian 2 years PRACTICAL LIFE 🙌🏻

💦Watering 🌱Plants Toddler 🙌🏻Practical Life Activity

For our Watering Plants activity (buy here), I have chosen a green colored: tray, basket, and an English watering can, made in England. (Buy the watering can separately here). As well an emerald mister (buy here), which allows a child to hold the mister with one hand while pressing the pump-top with the other.

It is middle of December, and we have long brought all the plants indoors (after their summer vacation on the deck), and Adrian really enjoys watering them, trimming dry leaves, and dusting the healthy ones. He just turned two years, and he seems to have enough skill to do all those activities independently from the beginning to the end. 




I showed him how to water a plant a little and watch the water being absorbed in the soil. There is no need to use all the water in the can.  I would say: "Every living thing needs water, but not too much water. Plant is living, and it needs water to live, but not too much water, since overwatering can hurt the plant.”  

DSC_0037For spills, we have a sponge and a cloth to whip it.
DSC_0052Adrian noticed the sap coming out of the cut portion of the leaf: "It is living, I see Mommy!" he said. 

More on Caring for Plants, see here 💦Caring for 🌺Orchids at 3 Yo • Montessori 🙌🏻Practical Life Activity • Care of the 🌐Environment.

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