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See & Spell Wooden Spelling Boards at 26 months

I started offering Adrian this See & Spell Wooden Double-Sided Spelling Boards since he was two years old.  By 26 months, he is able to complete all the double-sided boards. However, the skill involved is more of a matching the wooden letters to their respective cutouts, rather than being fluent in spelling three- and four-letter words. Still, it is a nice activity for developing sight-reading vocabulary since it involves spelling while practicing the fine-motor skill. The puzzle says "Ages 4+" but trust me, your two-year-old can do it even without knowing the ABCs, just based on simple matching. 



For individual letters, read here our ๐Ÿ”  Letter Series (Montessori Language) post. For more on our Language curriculum and phonetical order sets, read here the introductory post: "Montessori Phonetical Order of presenting ABCs Alphabet letters." 

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