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Matching Waldorf Alphabet Cards to Chunky Animal Alphabet puzzle at 28 months

Below, Adrian (at 28 months) is matching Waldorf Alphabet Cards (buy here) to a chunky wooden animal alphabet puzzle pieces. The letter cards are artistically illustrated in gentle watercolors. Each full-color card beautifully depicts one large capital letter, a smaller lower-case letter, and an animal whose name begins with that letter. And, I cannot think of a better way to visually reinforce learning of the letters and sounds than by referencing to cute chunky wooden animals.

DSC_0074-001First, Adrian had to match wooden animals to the Waldorf cards. 

DSC_0074-001Not all animals depicted on Waldorf cards match with the wooden animals from the puzzle.

Lastly, Adrian matched the wooden animals to the puzzle board (sorry, this puzzle is no longer available). During this exercise, we did not focus on a Montessori phonetical order of presenting Alphabet letters (read a post here where we did), but rather on object - first letter/sound recognition. 


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