Rescue Frozen Spring Flowers Kmart Sensory Play Tray


Are you enjoying signs of nature awakening and flowers blooming? After a long winter, spring finally tiptoes in, stirring up heavenly smells, awakening sleepy trees and showering us with blossoming delights! Spring is one of my favorite seasons (if I disregard the allergies), and the sight of blooming trees and flowers fills my heart with such a joy! However, the bloom is so transient, so here is a trick to “freeze time” – well, do it literally! In front of our house, we have bushes which bloom densely with white and fuchsia flowers at the same time, but the bloom lasts only until a heavy rain. So, to extend their lifespan, I popped flowers into ice-cube trays, filled the trays with water and placed in a freezer. It should take only a few hours to freeze. Then pop ice-cube flowers into a water-resistant tray (we are loving this one) and offer salt, warm water in a squeeze bottle and droppers.

I also added to the tray some water stained with light blue for a little color-pop.

This is an amazing transferring activity (using a spoon to transfer salt), as well as water play activity. Also, your child will be exercising small muscles in the hand to squeeze the bottle, squirting warm water over frozen flowers. Overall, this activity promotes hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, dexterity, and concentration. And why not discuss the state of the matter and transition of water from a liquid to a solid, and then back to a liquid.

Why salt you might ask? Salt is a great ice melter because it causes “freezing point depression” meaning that salt helps in lowering the freezing point and, consequently, the melting point of water (the main component of snow and ice). Did you know that more than 20 million tons of salt are used every year to melt snow and ice in cold northern regions?! 

p.s. You can wait until all the blooms are gone or scarce and then present this activity to your child. I am sure s/he would love to marvel at frozen blossoms when the trees have shredded all their blossoming petals.

Please, always supervise your children while they are learning through play, Xo

You can see this activity on Instagram here.

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