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Adrian 2 years MATH 🔢

💧Water 🖌️Brushing 🔢 Numbers

If an elephant can paint, then my 2-and-a-half-year-old can water-paint (trace over) the numbers I had written on a blackboard with chalk.

Elephants are proven to be highly intelligent mammals. This elephant is painting an art completely independently.

Eleph paintingsArt painted by elephants. (The picture is provided by my Mom, Thailand.)


Since this activity involves 💧water, Adrian would put on his Montessori apron (buy here), which affords a toddler complete independence and confidence since there is no fastening, tying, or buttoning involved.

DSC_0022.JPG DSC_0610

DSC_0610All done and ready to trace numbers with water!
DSC_0623 Adrian is "water writing" over chalk numbers using a paint brush.
DSC_0623In this process, Adrian is learning numbers' shapes while practicing fine-motor skills.

I believe that if you make learning fun, inviting and hands-on, your child is more likely to be engaged in a subject which might otherwise seem not very exciting.  Learning effortlessly, with grace, and caring on the love of learning are the goals of Montessori education. 

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