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The Cycle of an Apple and Apple Serving Activity

It is Fall here, in Western Hemisphere, and apples are everywhere! So today, it is all about apples! 

DSC_0002.JPGApple Serving  Activity

DSC_0002.JPGWe Love these Montessori aprons: independence = confidence = happy child

DSC_0002.JPGLearning about the Life Cycle of an Apple
DSC_0002.JPGThese are traditional Montessori 3-Part Cards. Read more on matching cards here.

DSC_0002.JPGFirst, Adrian matched the picture cards.

DSC_0002.JPGThen, although not reading yet, he visually matched all the label card.


Now, let's slice an apple. I removed the skin of an apple, as it makes much harder for a toddler to pierce the skin. This way, a little wiggling with an apple slicer  gets the job of slicing done.

DSC_0002.JPGTime to work – time to eat.

Time to chop and time to serve:)

It is amazing how much more Adrian would eat of the food he himself prepared. 

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