Adrian 3 years MATH 🔢 SENSORIAL 🖐️👀👂👅👃

🎃Halloween 👻 Inspired 🙌🏻SENSORY BIN with a 🔢Math Twist

In a 👻 Halloween spirit, today, we are exploring a black bean sensory bin filled with Halloween inspired objects. Sensory bins have been my children's favorite activity, and today, I am adding a little math twist: Adrian has to find and retrieve all the objects, sort and count them, and find a corresponding numeral for each group. Finally, he has to arrange the numerals in the order of progression from one to ten. (As a control of error: make sure that you have just enough objects for each numeral.)





DSC_0014.JPGAfter having received enough sensorial stimulation with his hands, Adrian loved placing his head in the beans, burring deep into them. 
DSC_0014.JPGWhen Julia came home from school, she immediately dove herself into the bin!
DSC_0014.JPGA final result: all objects are out of the bin, counted and arranged in order with the corresponding numerals next to them.

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