Array Montessori Tracing ABCs Cards
Adrian 3 years LANGUAGE 🔤 ✍️

✍️Tracing ABCs 🐋Animal Flash Cards with a💧Water 🖋️ Pen

Adrian at 37 months started writing his name (see here), and he enjoys writing daily ever since. Looking back, I see now that practice makes it all possible! He has been doing a lot of the following:

  • tracing Alphabet Letters with markers, dot-stickers, play-dough, marbles and water (read here),
  • following the Letter with a marker, dot stickers, marbles, and pompons (read here),
  • tracing in a Montessori Letter Work book (read here),
  • using Uppercase Do-A-Dot Letters templates, tracing sandpaper letters, and tracing in polenta/sand (read about our Letter Series here).

These Water Wow! Splash Alphabet and Animals cards, Adrian has been using since about two years of age. The water pen is thick, making it easier for the little hands to grasp, and you should see the excitement on a child's face when s/he sees letters and magic-reveal pictures of animals emerge bright and cheerful when wet.


See a video below:

DSC_0014Adrian is using Humpback and Blue Whale.

“The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence … [allowing] the minds to reveal itself.”  

                                                          – Maria Montessori

Learning to write and trace is very important in developing coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers, which leads to strong fine motor skills. Such skills are essential to completing many other tasks such as drawing, putting puzzle pieces together, cutting, using a fork or spoon, threading beads, zipping, buttoning, tying shoelaces and so forth. With practice, fine-motor skills are mastered sooner, letting your child enjoy the sense of confidence and independence. So, practice, practice, practice!

p.s. Similar flashcards are available for tracing numbers, shapes, and colors (see bundle here). To purchase in Russia click here.   

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    Each card includes a letter of the letters in order, with upper-and lowercase letters to follow and an enchantment uncover creature picture to delineate the letter sound. Kids love to see the gator, butterfly, and cow show up as they shading in their ABCs! The photos and letters turn white again as each card dries, so they can be reused perpetually as youngsters enhance letter acknowledgment, letter development, and dexterity. Store the entire set in the tough box, or clasp the cards together with the included catch to alter an in a hurry learning pack

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