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Spring Hands-On Counting Activities

Spring Hands-On Counting Activities Play Dough number making

Spring Hands-On Counting Activities for toddlers and preschoolers to learn number formation and numeral to quantity association.

Spring and Easter are in the air, and themed activities add a fun twist to the otherwise mundane numbers learning. By offering new and /or different manipulatives, you can turn an old activity into a new one! Besides, although little people love repetition, they yearn for novelty even more! You will be amazed to see a spark in their eyes by simply adding some new stickers or counters! Spring hands-on counting activities are a fun way to explore numeral to quantity association, learn proper number formation and one-to-one correspondence.

In an early Montessori math curriculum, a numeral (which is an abstract representation of a quantity) is always accompanied by an actual quantity so that the child can learn to associate the abstract concept of number “4” with a quantity it represents, for example of four eggs. 


To solidify the concept, Adrian is also using traditional Montessori Sandpaper Numbers, which add a tactile dimension to the activity. As a child traces the number, s/he is indirectly preparing the hand for writing. We are also using number mats.


On sandpaper numbers, the silhouette of the number is raised and differentiated with the rough sand-paper, offering a child an opportunity to develop a tactile understanding of the number’s shape.

DSC_0006-001Although Adrian recognizes numbers visually, he needs to practice writing them. 

Adrian loves using 1 2 3 Count with Me Trace-and-Flip Fun! book. By running a finger along large grooved numbers, a child can explore each shape. Colorful lift-the-flaps on every sturdy page further reinforce easy learning. Each board page features a number (1 through 20) which a child can trace with a finger, along with opening flaps to lift and find a surprise with bright illustrations. 

Spring Hands-On Counting Activities
Spring Hands-On Counting Activities

Placing stickers, while tracing a number’s shape, promotes fine motor control and it is fun! Here, Adrian is tracing each number template with sparkly dot stickers by following a pattern. (The pattern here is AABB ~ purple-purple-green-green.) A younger child can use a single color sticker or offer to choose a multi-color pattern for older children. Adrian chose a two-color-pattern to match the colors of the eggs. 

Hands-On-counting-preschool-number 5
Hands-On-counting-preschool-number 5

Here, Adrian is matching the quantity of five eggs to the number 5.

Spring Hands-On Counting Activities
Spring Hands-On Counting Activities

Here, Adrian is ‘pattern tracing’ sandpaper number five with foam Easter eggs (yellow-pink-purple-blue).

Spring Hands-On Counting Activities Play Dough number making
Spring Hands-On Counting Activities Play Dough number making

Moreover, offer play dough to MAKE numbers, which is an amazing tool to explore and make tactile numbers!

You can use any counters with this activity: bunnies, carrots, birds, flowers, etc. This activity can also be themed almost for any holiday: simply switch eggs for Christmas Trees, or pumpkins, or Valentine’s hearts. 


Read details about the Montessori Math curriculum read here a post “Montessori Math Simple โž• Addition” which gives a summary of What is Montessori Math?


For Easter inspired activities, see HERE an entire roundup.

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