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Wooden Tangram Puzzle at 41 months

This Wooden Tangram Puzzle (buy similar here) is an ancient Chinese brain game known to prime children's brains for math. A child will have fun grasping mathematical concepts such as congruency, symmetry, area, perimeter and geometry, while learning geometrical shapes such as a triangle and a square and its sides and angles. A child will have to use visual-spatial intelligence and creativity to solve this puzzle which requires a child to rotate the geometrical shapes in mind's eye. 

DSC_0001This seven-piece tangram puzzle is the world's oldest and most well known silhouette puzzle. Different bright colors promote color and shape recognition, as well as concepts of big vs small. The child will be using reasoning, problem-solving and logical thinking skills to solve the puzzle as well developing patience and persistence.

It took Adrian 21 seconds to assemble this Tangram Puzzle without a visual representation of a puzzle as assembled. We had misplaced the instructions somewhere ):

DSC_0004Adrian made a "boat" from the blocks and spelled the word with a Movable Alphabet. 

A child can also put blocks into different shapes, according to instructions, or s/he is free to use the imagination! For an older child, you can add a language aspect and ask the child to spell/read the word of the object/animal s/he made. (We are using this Montessori Small Wooden Movable Alphabet for spelling.)

I found a similar tangram puzzle here, and it says for "children between ages 6 to 10 years"This one is from non-toxic paint, and it says "from ages 3 to 105". I think regardless of age, if a child enjoys this puzzle while developing problem-solving and logical thinking skills, as well as enhancing visual perception ability, it is a toy well chosen!

Does your child have a Tangram Puzzle?

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