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Adrian 3 years Adrian 42 months (3.5 years old) LANGUAGE 🔤 ✍️ SENSORIAL 🖐️👀👂👅👃

How to Make Montessori Sensorial Tracing Tray

You can easily make this Montessori Sensorial Tracing Tray with materials readily available in your home. 


You will need:

  • a smaller tray where you would pour the filler in,
  • filler such as polenta (what Adrian is pouring), sand, flour, amaranth, etc,
  • a small rake or a fork to smooth out the filler (we are using a rake from this Zen Garden),
  • colored cardstock to give the activity a color-pop (buy here),
  • a larger tray to contain everything (see here).

With this stimulating sensorial activity a child can learn letter sounds or numbers. This “touch and trace” sensory writing tray uses the sense of touch, sight and sound to engage your child and make learning fun! 

“M is for Mommy!”

When you stimulate your child’s senses in a learning activity, you help bring the activity to life! The more diverse the learning experience is, the better are the chances of absorbing the information and implementing it hands-on.

See here the above video’s post “Mother’s Day Montessori Touch & Trace Sensory Writing Tray ” where Adrian uses a sensorial “touch & trace” tray in action!

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