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🎄Christmas 🎅🏻 Inspired Holiday 📚Books

Below are 📚books we have been enjoying reading during the 🎄Christmas 🎅🏻 Holidays.


Books by Lori Evert (left column):

  • The Reindeer Wish (buy here),
  • The Christmas Wish (buy here), 
  • The Brave Littel Puppy (buy here).

Rudolph series by Robert May (middle column):

  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 📚 book (Part I) (buy here); see a📎 link to a blog post 👇below or here,
  • Rudolph Shines Again (Part II) (buy here).

 Books by Jan Brett (right column):

  • Home for Christmas (buy here),
  • The Hat book (buy here); see a📎 link to a blog post 👇below or here,
  • The Mitten Book  – absolute Winter favorite! (buy here); see a📎 link to a blog post 👇below or here.


More 🎄Holidays Inspired 📚Books (left to right, top to bottom):

  • Little 💙Blue Truck's 🎄Christmas (buy here); see a📎 link to a blog post 👇below or here,
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lift-the-Tab (buy here); see a📎 link to a blog post 👇below or here,
  • Reindolphins: A Christmas Tale (buy here),
  • How to Catch an Elf (buy here),
  • PAW Patrol: The Night Before Christmas (buy here) – Adrian loves all the flaps and Paw Patrol are his currently favorite characters!
  • Polar Express 30th Anniversary Edition (buy here).


DSC_0168Do you 🎉celebrate The ❄️Winter solstice — also known as Yule, Midwinter, the Shortest 🌅Day of the Year and the Longest 🌌Night! This holiday, (which lands usually on December 21st) is a great opportunity to bring out a 🌏globe and a 🔦flashlight and discuss the sun, the seasons, the tilt of the 🌏 Earth and so much more!  

🌬Winter 🌅 Solstice Books:

  • The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice book (buy here) has lots of fun activities you can do with your kiddo such as determining the positioning of the ☀️ on the 🌅horizon by measuring a shadow, 🖍sketching the positioning of the sun ☀️ by using a compass and more;
  • The Return of the Light: Twelve Tales from Around the World for the Winter Solstice (buy here) is a wonderful collection of stories honoring the winter solstice, but for an older child – 8 yo and up.



These are 🔍 some of our favorite❄️Winter books:

  • Ice Is Nice!: All About the North and South Poles, Cat in the Hat's Learning Library (buy here),
  • Winter, First Step Nonfiction (buy here),
  • Winter Wonderland, Picture the Seasons (buy here) is an amazing book written by Winter with humorous text and gorgeous photography,
  • The Secret Life of a Snowflake book (buy here); read a post about it here
  • Merry Christmas, Squirrels! (buy here).

  DSC_0183 More Holiday 📚Books:

  • Red and Lulu (buy here) is a great story about two red cardinal birds and a Rockefeller Center Tree in Manhattan;
  • The Nutcracker Ballet (buy here),
  • Our American Holidays: Their Meaning and Spirit (buy here).

DSC_0180Julia has been playing a part in a Nutcracker ballet for the past two years, and these Glass Ballet Slipper ornament (buy here) now decorate our tree.

Below are 📎 links to posts when we brought 📚books to life with small world invitations to read.

DSC_0074See here "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 📚•🎅🏻 Holiday 📖 Reading ✨Collection."

DSC_0185See here Rudolph's Lift -The-Flap book inspired "Skip Counting by 2️⃣" Math Activity. 

DSC_0174Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Lift-the-Tab (buy here).

DSC_0316See here "The Mitten Book ❄️ Winter Favorite 📖Reading 📚Collection."


DSC_0018See here "The Hat Book  ❄️ Winter 📖 Reading Collection."

DSC_0133See here "Little 💙Blue Truck's 🎄Christmas • A Holiday 💎Gem 📚Book."



DSC_0166 The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving (buy here) which we read on St. Nicholas Day. Read a post about this holiday here "St. 🎅🏻 Nicholas Day 🎁Custom of 👞Shoes."

What Holiday 📚books are your favorite?

See here the roundup of activities we have done in the month of December "🎄Christmas Inspired Unit Study."

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