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Learning About ️️Snowflakes Hands-On

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Are you mesmerized by ️snowflakes? We are! And we could not resist learning more about these nature’s miracles especially since the snow was falling and Julia was home on a winter break.

Activities you can consider to learn about snowflakes hands-on:

  • stamp snowflake design in play dough (we are using DIY wooden double-sided stamps from the Arctic Learning Kit) or use a snowflake cookie cutter (also a part of the Arctic Kit ~ shop here)
  • make a paper snowflake craft (from this book)
  • make a snowflake from pipe cleaners and pony beads
  • make a snowflake from marshmallows and don’t forget the six branches

We had so much fun reading about the mystical hexagon shape water molecules take form, about the birth of a snowflake and its fleeting life …

Books we are reading:

You can see this activity on Instagram here.

p.s. Always supervise your children while they are STEAM-ing through play, Xoxo

paper snowflake craft kids DIY

For more snowflake inspired activities, see here Learning About Snowflakes • Paper Craft.

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