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Ikea Sensory Table Sorting ❄️Arctic Animals Land vs 🌊 Ocean

February 25, 2019
Ikea FLISAT Sensory Table Sorting Land Arctic Ocean Water SafariLTD Animals homeschool kids activity preschool

This is a sensory play invitation to sort Arctic Animals according to their habitat. We are using this table and these white storage boxes to contain our sensory play.

On the left, I set blue hydrogels and styrofoam iceberg-pieces, resembling ocean water. I also previously froze ️Arctic sea animals in a muffin tray (just place animals in a muffin tray, fill with water and freeze overnight). Offer warm water and droppers to defrost and rescue animal friends.

On the right side, I set a frozen Arctic Pole, which is frozen hydrogels and shaving foam and Arctic land animals.

Sensory play is extremely important to children, as triggering sensory stimulation fires multiple signals between neurons, which strengthens its connectivity and spurs neuroplasticity ~ aka the production of new connections and new neurons themselves increasing brain agility! And all that from the tactile stimulation!

If you have little ones who put everything in their mouth, simply cover both storage boxes with clear plastic food wrap, and you will have a baby safe sensory play. Or, place your hydrogels and animals in a zip lock bag and let them explore.

With older children, discuss state of matter: solid vs. liquid; the effects of global warming and particularities of each habitat.

The hydrogels and Arctic animals are part of my new Arctic Set, which you can purchase here.

I have written in details about the Poles here in a post ~ ❄️Polar 🌎Regions Unit Study • 🎅🏻 🇦🇶Land 🌊Water 🌬Air.

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