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Racing Caterpillars Paper Craft


Racing Caterpillars Paper Craft is a fun DIY game for kids that is super easy to make using items around the house!

You will love this DIY game for kids since it is super easy to make, and most importantly, racing caterpillars game will offer your children hours of fun play! Besides, blowing with straws is simple yet lots of fun for kids of all ages, and children can play it independently or as a group. Furthermore, the set up should take you only a few minutes, so your children are ready to play in no time!


Besides, don’t you just love simple DIY activities which keep children entertained for ages? Well, here you go! This fun DIY game is perfect since it is simple to make and children can do it with siblings or by themselves.

WHAT You’ll need for this super fun paper craft:

HOW TO make this DIY game:

At first, cut craft paper in strips about 1.25 inches wide. Secondly, fold the paper in half, and proceed to fold as shown in the video. Lastly, draw a face, and your caterpillar paper craft is ready to race!

Racing Caterpillars Paper Craft

Now, offer your children a straw and invite them to blow gently from the back and a little above, so that the caterpillar moves, but does not slide and see who wins the race! The purpose of this challenge is for children to use the straw and blow a caterpillar along the table from one end to the other. Ready, set, go!

TIP: Your caterpillar has eight segments, so ideally, you would want to blow on the third segment from the back. You can mark it with a star for easier identification.


Why should children play games? The current pediatric society strongly advocates PLAY since it gives children time to practice what they have learned. Play is much more than merely fun and engaging! In fact, playing is learning. Research shows that play has multiple educational benefits for babies and children. PLAY can take many forms: from imaginary play to bring stories to life or to imitate real-life events. Also, play can be a constructive way to build and explore things. Moreover, games with rules teach children fairness, disadvantages of cheating, as well as the importance of winning or losing. With this fun caterpillar race game, children are practicing the coordination of movement, developing dexterity and most importantly, learning to play with another, while following the rules and accepting the loss! But above all, it is FUN!

Please, always supervise your children.

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Racing Caterpillars Kids Game
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