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Frozen Juice Ice Lips Taste Matching

Fun Kids tasting activity using items around the house designed for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners to develop a sense of taste.

This is a very easy DIY sensorial exploration of the sense of TASTE. Tasting activities are my children’s favorites, and I like to come up with variations of a traditional Montessori tasting activity.

You’ll need for this tasting activity:

  • ice cube tray – we are using lips shape ice tray, but you can use any ice tray or use holiday-themed ice trays (like a star ice tray for Independence Day, shells for summer inspired activity, etc.
  • juice
  • food that matches the juice
  • a blindfold


First, pour matching pairs of juice into the ice tray and place it in a freezer for a few hours.


Then, remove frozen juice and place on a plate. Offer matching foods to pair. We have orange, cranberry, carrots, and lemon to match to its juice. 


Exploring how our brain and senses work: Did you know that much of what we think of as 👅taste is actually smell! The back of your nose is linked to your mouth at the throat so that you can smell the food as you chew it. That is why when you have a cold, tiny hairs in your nose get clogged with mucus. This stops them from wafting smell particles deep into your nose and makes it hard to smell or taste things. That is exactly why you cannot “taste” anything when you have a stuffy nose!

Matching carrot juice to carrots

Since I had frozen two of each type of the juice, you may also offer your child to match the two identical tasting ice cubes. But be swift as our ice lips were melting quickly.

See here our original lesson on 5 Basic Tastes (Brain & Senses, Tongue Taste Map). These lessons are a part of the ” Inside of the BODY Anatomy Unit Study” –   read here.

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