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DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels

DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Free Printable

Help preschoolers and kindergartners learn to associate alphabet-objects with their corresponding beginning sound with easy-to-make-at-home free DIY Crafting With Transfer Paper For Wood labels using NuFun Activities wood-transfer paper.

Have you ever wondered the best way to embark on the literacy journey? Making learning hands-on and utilizing manipulatives, such as matching objects, offers little hands and absorbent brains to encode to memory newly learned skills with great ease! Granted, mundane workbooks and repetitive tasks can be tedious, considering young, agile brains are yearning for novelty, action, and excitement. So, by making DIY alphabet-objects wood-transfer labels on wood slices to explore early literacy, we are igniting wonder, evoking matching skills, and offering a new way to learn to associate an object with its beginning sound. 

NuFun Activities DIY Wood Transfer Kit

With NuFun’s patented printable transfer paper for wood, anyone can create high-quality custom wood crafts in no time! Formulated for wood, these iron-on transfer papers are proudly made in the USA with high-quality materials for a smooth and straightforward transfer to wood surfaces. The paper is compatible with both inkjet and laserjet printers. Just print your design, peel the paper, place parchment paper over it, iron on your design, and enjoy! NuFun brings the high-quality results previously only available to professionals to your home.

NuFun DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Paper

To Make DIY Wooden Alphabet-Objects You’ll Need:

NuFun DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels

Printing Instructions:

  1. Brings the paper to room temperature before printing.
  2. Load (5) transfer sheets into your printer. When loading, ensure the line side is facing up so the images are printed on the non-glossy (unlined) side. 
  3. Do not mirror or flip the image before printing and select “fit to printable area” when printing Alphabet to Language Object Matching Labels PDF.

Paper Kit Language Alphabet DIY Labels FREE Printable

Transferring the Image Instructions:

  1. Preheat your iron to the hottest (generally the “linen” setting).
  2. Using scissors, cut out each label just below the black circumference line.
  3. Peel the liner from the back of the transfer paper. 
  4. Place a peeled printed image (e.g., a letter or a language object) on top of the wood slice with the design facing up.
  5. Place parchment paper over the top of the transfer image wood slice. 
  6. Using firm, even pressure, hold an iron on each area of the sheet covering the image. Continue this process until you have completely ironed the image. Make sure to cover all corners and edges. Repeat the process until the white/un-transferred areas turn transparent. 
  7. After the transfer paper is entirely transparent, leave the parchment paper on until it cools down.
  8. Once cool, carefully peel the parchment paper off your design.

Notes: You may lift up the corner of the parchment to make sure it is transferred completely. If it is not, replace the parchment over the wooden slice and continue ironing.

Video Tutorial

Warning: Be careful not to overheat or burn the transfer as it may cause bubbles or cracks.


Offer a child to match an object printed on a wooden slice to its corresponding letter representing the object’s beginning sound.

AIM of This Activity:

Phonemic awareness is a strong indicator of a child’s later reading success. This DIY will improve a child’s ability to isolate the beginning sound and match objects printed on wooden slices with the same beginning sound.

Matching Skills

Matching, though seemingly a straightforward skill, is the foundation for developing receptive and expressive labeling. Children progress from a 3D-to-3D identical object matching in earlier years (apple to apple) to matching a 3D (object) to 2D (picture) and eventually matching images that are not identical but connected in some way. 

DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels

DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Collage
DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Collage

Download the Alphabet-Objects Labels below. Besides the alphabet labels, I have also included the most common consonant digraphs: sh, ch, th, and wh and their corresponding beginning sound objects: sheep for sh, cheese for ch, thread for the, and whale for wh.


There are other consonant digraphs (ph); however, generally, we introduce to a child these four digraphs first as they are the most common. They are often referred to as the “h brothers.”

Matching Objects to Their Beginning Sound

Learning each letter’s beginning sound is an essential precursor to reading and writing. This DIY will introduce your child to the sound made by each letter and give your child critical practice identifying objects that begin with the sound made by each letter.

DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Free Printable
DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Free Printable

Skills At Play

With this activity, a child learns to match and associate an image of the alphabet/language object on a wooden slice with the beginning sound of that object. Besides promoting phonemic awareness, this matching activity helps a preschooler develop abstract thinking, which is needed later on to learn that letters represent speech sounds.

DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Free Watercolor Language Labels
DIY Alphabet-Objects Wood-Transfer Labels Free Watercolor Language Labels

With the highest regard, this is a sponsored post with NuFun. I am excited to collaborate with this fantastic team that brings innovative patented designs to help make learning fun, hands-on and customizable. As an educator or a parent, you can bring any custom woodcraft to life with easy-to-use, high-quality transfer packs. All opinions are my own and from the heart.

You can read more about NuFun’s mission here: About NuFun.

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