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Preschool Valentine Practical-Life Activities


Montessori Preschool Valentine Practical-Life kids activities are fun creative crafts and class gifts to promote fine motor control, dexterity and concentration.

Preschool Valentine inspired Practical-Life Activities are a fun and hands-on way to promote fine motor skills while your little one is happily crafting and creating! Besides, through Montessori Valentine Kids activities, preschoolers can express creativity which can be turned into DIY Valentine’s gifts!

Heart Paper Plate Yarn Weaving

Paper Plate Heart Yarn Weaving
Paper Plate Heart Yarn Weaving ~ See on IG HERE

If you are looking for free and easy Valentine’s craft, just grab a paper plate and trace a heart on it. Next, cut out the heart shape and punch small hearts around the heart’s perimeter. Thereafter, offer your child to weave it! This is an amazing fine motor exercise and it makes a cute gift! (Buy a large needle HERE .)

Check out HERE a VIDEO of Adrian at 3 YO weaving a Paper Heart Craft

Heart-Needle-Poke-and-Weave-Valentines-Craft ~ see on IG HERE

I must say that for us, Valentine’s cards made by little hands are most precious! Besides, pin poking is an amazing fine motor exercise! First, trace a heart shape on heavy cardstock with a marker. Next, place a styrofoam block or an old rug or a sponge under the paper, so that the pin does not poke your table. Lastly, offer your child to poke along the perimeter of the heart, and thereafter, thread through poked holes, adding a 3D to your Valentine Card!

Valentine-Glitter-HEARTs-Weaving-Washi Tape-Pasting-CRAFT
Valentine-Glitter-HEARTs-Weaving-Washi Tape-Pasting-CRAFT ~ see on IG HERE

Another fun way to decorate your heart is with washi-tape!

Cardboard Box Hearts Poke

Cardboard Box Hearts Poke
Cardboard Box Hearts Match-Sticks Poke ~ see on IG HERE

Here is a fun recycled DIY you MUST TRY!

HOW: First, draw the hearts of various sizes and various colors on recycled cardboard. Next, pre-poke holes with a tooth-pick (it’s sharper) and put away! Thereafter, offer your child colorful craft match sticks to poke along the perimeter of each heart. (Please, note for smaller children – 2 YO+ it will be easier to REMOVE the match-sticks rather than insert.) Skills: hand-eye coordination, color recognition, fine motor control, size comparison, spatial awareness

Did you know that development milestone to learn to identify colors emerges from age 12 to 18 M. Your child will become aware of different colors at around 1 Y and can name different colors by the age of 2.5-3 Y. ALSO before you put a pencil in your child’s hand, let them explore lines and curves sensorially‼️ Before your little one can write, they must have enough fine motor control & hands stretch and the best way to develop it is by offering little hands to poke and pull, manipulate play dough and transfer small items Remember “ PRACTICE IS A MEANS OF INVITING THE PERFECTION DESIRED!” Your child cannot PRACTICE what they have not been given an opportunity to DO! Hence, learning by doing!

Hearts Posting ~ IKEA Frame Hack

Hearts Posting-IKEA Frame Hack
Hearts Posting-IKEA Frame Hack ~ See on IG HERE

Roll the dice, count and post the hearts. This is IKEA picture ‘Tolsby’ frame’hack’ you will love! You can post anything: coins, poker chips, or any small counters. Whatever will fit into a slot! HOW: First, remove the two clear plastic inserts from the frame and tape them to the OUTSIDE of the frame. (I just taped the two longest opposite sides of the rectangular frame.) And Wholla! You just made a DIY posting frame! Most importantly, the best part is that you can shake it out or remove the tape and all your counters are ready to be reused. This is an awesome fine motor, concentration and counting activity!

Pipe-Cleaner Heart Pony-Beads Threading

Pipe-Cleaner-Heart-Pony-Beads-Threading copy
Pipe-Cleaner-Heart-Pony-Beads-Threading ~ Details HERE

DIY Valentine Class Gifts for Kids

See HERE Kids-Valentines-Class-Gift-Ideas

Pipe-Cleaner Heart Pencil Valentine Class Gift

Also, see HERE Pipe-Cleaner-Heart-Pencil-Valentine-Class-Gift

Valentine Colander Threading Fine-Motor Activity

Valentine Colander Threading Fine-Motor
Moreover, HERE see a VIDEO post ~ Valentine Colander Threading Fine-Motor

Scissors Primary Colors Pasta Cutting

For fun Scissors Primary Colors Pasta Cutting ~ read HERE 

DIY Valentines Heart Stickers-Scissors-Cutting

Valentines Heart Stickers-Scissors-Cutting-Kids-Activity
HERE see a VIDEO ~ DIY Valentines Heart Stickers-Scissors-Cutting-Kids-Activity

Fusible Heart

Pixel Art Fusible Beads HEART copy
Pixel Art Fusible Beads HEART

Did you know that you can make hearts, flowers, or even a frame for your Valentine with fusible beads! These tiny beads are an amazing tool to strengthen the small muscles of the hands and foster concentration. Read HERE Pixel Art Fusible Beads.

Preschool Valentine Practical-Life Activities are hands-on and engaging exercises that will spur concentration, develop fine motor control and advance reasoning skills! Dr. Montesori beautifully said, “what the hand does, the mind remembers!”

Practical Life Activities

Montessori Valentine Practical Life Kids Activities are fun and engaging ways to lay the foundation and develop the skills the child will need for all other academic areas! Real-life lessons such as cutting, threading, folding, using a spoon, buttoning, cleaning and more, will help your child develop bodily coordination, focus, independence and a sense of order. Such skills are pivotal for future academic success. 

Most importantly, Practical life activities are the heart of Montessori education as they play an essential role in a child’s development. For example, Practical life activities such as threading pipe cleaners or posting/pushing/manipulating small objects offer many benefits such as refinement of fine motor skills, the development of focused attention, and preparation for writing and reading. “Montessori Practical Life is more than the wonderful feeling of doing real work, of being helpful to others! This work also sharpens valuable mental skills including planning, organization, task initiation, working memory, self-regulation, flexibility, goal-directed persistence, and sustained attention. These are executive functions of the brain, and are more reliable predictors of academic achievements than even IQ scores.”—The Universal Child, Guided By Nature by Susan M. Stephenson.

Please, always supervise your children.

WANT MORE Montessori Valentine Kids Activities

See HERE a roundup Valentine Activities For Preschoolers.

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