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DIY Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

DIY Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

Pipe cleaner DIY beaded candy cane ornament is a fun, practical life activity for kids to strengthen small muscles of the hands while adding a personal touch to your Christmas decor.

I invite you to make a DIY beaded candy cane ornament with kids this Christmas to spread some holiday cheer. This easy child-friendly Christmas craft is made with just pipe cleaners and beads. Besides being perfect for little hands to make all by themselves, these ornaments will look so pretty hung on a Christmas tree. You can also attach these candy canes to Christmas gifts, or even gift as Christmas favors to friends or family members.

*Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane
*Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane

You’ll Need for DIY Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

Please note, you can swap the tri-star beads for pony beads or even wooden beads.

Candy Cane Ornament Tutorial


  1. Cut a pipe cleaner in half.
  2. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner to make a knot.
  3. Begin threading beads onto the other end of the pipe cleaner.
  4. Alternate the red and white beads. Your little one will notice that the beads will interconnect to create a traditionally looking candy cane pattern.
  5. Don’t forget the bow.
  6. When finished beading, twist the other end of a pipe cleaner so that the beads don’t fall out.
  7. Bend the pipe cleaner to make the candy cane shape. 

DIY Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

Now hang the Candy Cane Christmas ornament onto the tree or attach it as Christmas gift tags.

Beading activity is a fun and engaging way to practice threading while strengthening the coordination of small muscles of the hands and developing fine motor control. This activity will also sustain your child’s attention since it requires concentration, patience, and precision. Moreover, your little one will train memory by remembering to follow the pattern. And it’s fun!

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