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Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment

Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment Featured 1-1

Fizzing hidden polar-animals is an easy and fun kids STEM taste-safe science experiment to explore acid-base baking soda and vinegar reaction.

As International Polar Bear Day is approaching (February 27), make this fizzy hidden polar-animals STEM experiment with a few simple household ingredients. Besides, this science experiment is safe for babies and toddlers who are still mouthing objects since you are using food grade ingredients. Most importantly, this kid-safe color-mixing activity will expose little scientists to the most satisfying-to-watch acid-base reaction at a comfort of ones home.

Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment Kids Science Experiment

Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment Materials:


First, you need to make ‘snow’ which is baking soda with water. It becomes moldable just like real snow, and you can even put it in a fridge to make it feel cold, just like real snow. 

Secondly, hide the animals inside the snowballs.

Lastly, tint vinegar with food coloring and pour it over the hidden animal’s snowballs. Now, action time! Watch the bubbling fizz erupt, revealing the animal friends!

🍋Instead of vinegar, you can use lemon/ lime juice/concentrate or freshly squeezed citrus.

*Fizzing Green Polar-Animals STEM Experiment
*Fizzing Green Polar-Animals STEM Experiment

Taste Safe Kids Science

This fizzy STEM experiment is TASTE-SAFE for little ones who are still mouthing things since you are using baking soda and food coloring. However, taste-safe does NOT mean edible!

Despite the activity being taste-safe, we still want to deter little ones from eating anything that is NOT food! Good habits will ensure SAFE play! So, if they put it into their mouth, calmly say, “No, not for eating. Not in your mouth.” or “Do not put it in your mouth. This is not food.” Or stick a tongue out and make a yucky /disgusted face. Most importantly, model appropriate ways to play. If the behavior persists, remove and introduce it later.

STEM Kids Science

Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment Featured 1-1
Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment Featured 1-1

The best part of this experiment is that you can conduct it multiple times! Since when you pour colored vinegar over the baking soda, the vinegar will only activate the top layer of the snowball, leaving the bottom layer intact. So, keep adding more vinegar to seek out your polar animal friend.  

Color Mixing STEM Experiment

This STEM is also a fun COLOR-MIXING experiment! Mix BLUE + YELLOW to make GREEN. Mix BLUE+ RED + (optional PINK) to make PURPLE.


💡Science Behind Fizzing Hidden Polar-Animals STEM Experiment

It’s chemistry! It’s an ACID-BASE reaction! This TASTE-SAFE Color-Mixing Science Experiment is SIMPLE. It’s FUN! And it never ceases to amaze little people!

When baking soda (a base) and vinegar (an acid) are mixed together, they react with each other because of an atom exchange. (Baking soda receives a proton from vinegar). And one of the products this reaction creates is carbonic acid which is very unstable. Thus, carbonic acid instantly breaks apart into water and carbon dioxide molecule. And since the carbon dioxide molecule is now free of its other chemical bonds, it can escape, bubbling forth as a gas. As a result, this chemical reaction releases gas that bubbles and fizzes, making it a fun sensory acid-base kids experiment. The food coloring helps you see the bubbles a little better.

Always Supervise Your Child!

A Few Questions You can Ask your Child:
  • What would happen if you would not add coloring to vinegar? (Hint: Same result, since coloring has no effect on the reaction.)
  • What if we poured the baking soda into the vinegar instead of the other way around? (Hint: Same result, since it the MIXING of ingredients that matters and not the order).
  • Can this potion be used for anything? (Hint: Baking soda and vinegar makes a great household cleaner!)

Now, it is your turn!

Have you ever conducted Fizzing Polar-Animals STEM Experiment? Leave a comment if you did!


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