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Tape Rescue Vertical Surface

Animals Tape Rescue Working on a Vertical Surface Activity for Toddlers

Animal tape rescue from a vertical surface is beneficial during the early years because it helps improve dexterity and gross motor control while targeting sensory integration.

While you can tape almost anything to any surface, working on a vertical surface is particularly beneficial. Animal tape rescue for a vertical surface is a great exercise for shoulder, wrist, and elbow stability, core strength, crossing the middle, and visual and spatial awareness.

You’ll Need for Tape Rescue from a Vertical Surface;

Animal Tape Rescue from a Vertical Surface

Tape Rescue from a Vertical Surface

Most of the activities, especially for younger children who do not walk yet, are done on a horizontal surface, where toys, tools, and other manipulatives remain static in one position. However, working on a vertical surface, whether it is a chalkboard, wall, cabinet, window, or easel, in this anti-gravity position activates completely different muscles and makes an activity more challenging.

Animals Tape Rescue Working on a Vertical Surface Activity for Toddlers
Animals Tape Rescue Working on a Vertical Surface Activity for Toddlers

Why Is Working on a Vertical Surface Beneficial

✔️ Working on a vertical surface helps improve dexterity and motor control since the use of larger vertical surfaces refines shoulder and elbow stability.

✔️ Furthermore, working on a vertical surface allows children to refine gross motor control as they use larger arm movements. Such a wider range delivers strength and flexibility to joints and muscles of the upper extremities, such as arms and shoulders.

✔️ Moreover, working on a vertical surface promotes fine motor, visual, and gross motor skills.

✔️ Lastly, working on a vertical surface targets sensory integration since a child explores and develops proprioceptive, tactile, and visual processing skills.

Have you tried Animals Tape Rescue from a vertical surface? Leave a comment if you did!

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