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Dinosaur Sponge-Printing Kids Craft

Dinosaur sponge-printing kids craft is a fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to express creativity while promoting motor control and learning how colors mix.

FREE Dino Template for a Dinosaur sponge-printing kids craft as a fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to express creativity while promoting motor control and learning about colors. [Video Tutorial is Included.]

Did you know that sponges are a fun tool for little ones to express their creative side? Besides, any outcome will be unique with this Process Art, so even the youngest artists can do it! Most importantly, since we are focusing on the process and not the end results, this dinosaur Sponge-Printing Kids Craft is toddler-friendly! So, grab a FREE Dino template and your sponge, and let’s get crafty!

Dinosaur Sponger Pom Pom printing kids craft toddler-friendly

What You Need for this Dino Sponge Craft

Here is the list of materials you will need to make a Dinosaur Sponge-Printing kids craft:

  1. Dinosaur printout (download this freebie below)
  2. paints
  3. sponges
  4. clothes pins
  5. pom poms

🎉 Why Sponge Printing for Tiny Tots? 

Below are the top 3 benefits:

Messy FUN with No Stress! Sponge printing allows toddlers and preschoolers to dive headfirst into a colorful world of expression without any worries about messiness. Let them unleash their boundless creativity while you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that washable paints make cleanup a breeze! 🌊💦

Fine Motor Fiesta! Get ready to witness those tiny hands and fingers exercise their fine motor skills like never before! Sponge printing helps refine their coordination and precision, giving them a headstart in developing crucial skills for writing, drawing, and other activities as they grow. 🖍️✏️

Prehistoric Learning Adventure!  Who said playtime can’t be educational? Sponge printing offers the perfect opportunity to introduce your little one to fascinating concepts like shapes, textures, and colors. As they create their dino masterpieces, they’ll be learning and absorbing knowledge without even realizing it! 📚🦕

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Dinosaur Sponge-Printing Kids Craft Video Tutorial

Dinosaur Sponge-Printing Kids Craft Instructions

Here are the steps on how to make this dino sponge printing craft:

First, print the Dino PDF and cut out a dinosaur.

Then, using tape, secure the cutout silhouette to another piece of paper.

Next, offer sponges or pom poms dipped in paint to print throughout the paper.

Lastly, remove the dinosaur silhouette and marvel at the process art.

Dinosaur Sponge-Printing Kids Craft Skills At Play

  • 🎓 DEVELOPS MOTOR SKILLS: fine motor control and dexterity as art and craft projects involve moving the hands and fingers. As they dip, dab, and press the sponge, their fine motor skills get a MAJOR boost! 🖌️✨
  • 🧠 STIMULATES CREATIVITY: Set their imagination free as they mix colors and create unique patterns – no two Dinos will be alike! 🌈🦖
  • 📚 ENCOURAGES LEARNING through play while fostering imagination and creativity. Watch their curiosity spark as they learn about shapes, colors, and prehistoric wonders! 📚🎉
  • 💕 Strengthen the PARENT-CHILD BOND as you join the creative frenzy together! 🤗 Share laughter, joy, and love, and create beautiful memories that last a lifetime! 💕📸
  • 🎨 LEARNING COLORS: learning how color mixing works and exploring complementary colors.

Learn Colors with Flashcards Montessori 3-Part Cards

Colors Flashcards Montessori 3-Part Nomenclature Cards
Colors Flashcards Montessori 3-Part Nomenclature Cards with control cards and color and label cards

Included are control cards, color and color name cards

What is The Importance of Sensory Crafting

  1. Sensory crafting stimulates the senses. (When multiple sensory stimuli are triggered, new synapses develop within a growing brain.)
  2.  Moreover, sensory crafting promotes cognitive growth.
  3.  It strengthens fine motor control by exercising small muscles of the hands. 
  4.  It promotes language development.
  5. Sensory crafts spur creative exploration.
  6. Finally, sensory crafts increase focus and attention.

Dinosaur sponge-printing kids craft is a fun way for toddlers and preschoolers to express creativity while promoting motor control and learning how colors mix.

What is Process Art And Why Is It Important for Early Years

Process Art is fun and essential for early childhood development since it helps the body and brain to integrate tactile information in a creative way. Process art is perfect for little artists since the focus lies on the creation of the work – the process – and not the outcome. During this fun, artistic process, your child learns how colors work, especially color mixing, while developing spatial awareness and sensory integration. 

What Are Complimentary Colors

With this Dinosaur sponge-printing kids craft, besides promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor control, children get to explore different colors and how they look when placed next to each other. Children might discover that once they place complementary colors next to each other, they look brighter and bold.

Complimentary Colors Watercolor MFTH

Some examples of complementary color combinations are red and green, orange and blue, and yellow and purple. Complementary color combos tend to stand out as more vibrant and bold when placed next to each other.

Have you tried Dinosaur Sponge-Printing Kids Craft? Leave a comment if you did!

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