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Water transfer with a sponge is an amazing Montessori toddler Practical Life activity to promote fine motor skills, hand-eye and bilateral coordination.

Teaching little people PRACTICAL LIFE skills is not only efficient but also VERY effective! “The hand is the chief teacher of the child,” said Dr. Montessori. Thus, Montessori toddler Practical life activities (PLA), such as WATER Activity SPONGE TRANSFER, resemble the work of the home (or kitchen or bath) and everyday activities such as washing and bathing where a young child learns to take care of self and the environment. “Help me DO it MYSELF!” says a fifteen-month-old as s/he yearns to work alongside us while building confidence and independence. Little people have a universal desire to HELP adults and THEMSELVES without the expectation of getting something for it! They do it because they enjoy the PROCESS – from the ♥️ HEART!


Today, at two-years-old, we are starting our Water Activity Series. I only wished I had introduced it to Adrian a few months earlier. While water activities were mainly confined to bath times, I saw how much he enjoyed them! What can be more fun for a toddler than water play in a controlled and safe environment? Also, since Adrian can do all of these activities independently, which is great for building concentration, it is convenient for me, as I am able to catch up on some kitchen chores while glancing at him. 


  • an apron
  • waterproof tray
  • a sponge
  • two bowls (one filled with water)

 HOW: A child uses the sponge to transfer the water from one bowl to another bowl, emptying a bowl with water completely.


 For this WATER Activity SPONGE TRANSFER, the cycle of the activity is complete once the bowl is empty. However, do allow a child to explore in creative play water and the absorbent properties of a sponge. For example, after finishing the activity, Adrian decided to make his own activity. He would soak the sponge in the bowl, then press it firmly down on a tray to release water. Thereafter, he would dry the tray with the sponge.  This Montessori Practical Life Toddler activity is great for developing concentration, learning to follow a multi-step process and building life-long fine motor skills.

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Please, always supervise your child!

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Enriching the Mind one Heart at a time

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