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Hapa Zome 🌿Leaf Dye Process 🎨Art 🌸Flower 🔨Hammering

June 1, 2018

Have you heard of Hapa Zome? It is absolutely awesome Process Art of 🌿leaf dying ~ smashing leaves and 🌸flowed with a 🔨hammer! It is also an amazing gross-motor exercise to strengthen those little hands! 


Do you have leftover Spring blooms or those Mother's Day flowers that are wilting? Put them to use along with some fabric and a child-sized hammer (we are using a hammer from this set).


Fold the fabric two-fold and place flowers and leaves inside the fabric, arranging them on one side. Offer your child to hammer each flower, watching the dye transfer to fabric.

DSC_0043Open slowly and admire your Hapa Zome flower and leaf dye.


Carefully peel off the flowers and leaves and reveal your process art!  Adrian's Hapa Zome turned out so beautiful! I think I know what we will make from it! (Father's Day is around the corner.)

For more Spring-inspired activities, see here 🌸Spring 🌱Inspired Themed Unit Study.

This post was inspired by amazing Kylie HowWeMontessori ~ see details here

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