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Hapa Zome Kids Craft Leaf Dye


Hapa Zome Leaf Dye Process Art Flower Pounding is a fun Kids Craft using common items designed for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners to promote creativity and gross motor skills.

Hapa Zome Leaf Dye Craft for kids is an absolutely awesome Flower Hammering Process Art of leaf dying. Japaneeze Art of Hapa Zome flower pounding was coined by India Flint, and the term means “leaf-dye” in Japanese. Besides, smashing leaves and flowers with a hammer is an amazing gross-motor activity to strengthen those little hands! Moreover, since you will be using materials readily available in your home like a hammer, this should take you only a few minutes to set up!


So, if you have leftover spring blooms or Mother’s Day flowers that are ready to wilt, do not throw them away! Instead, put them to use to make this Leaf Dye Process Art.

You’ll need for this Hapa Zome Kids Craft:

  • fresh flowers
  • fabric
  • child-sized hammer (we are using a hammer from this set)

HOW TO make this Leaf Dye Flower Hammering Kids Craft:

First, to make your Hapa Zome Kids Craft, invite your child to fold the fabric two-fold, and place flowers and leaves inside the fabric, arranging them on one side. Next, offer your child to hammer each flower and leaf, watching the dye transfer to fabric.


Thereafter, open the fabric slowly and admire your Hapa Zome flower and leaf dye result.


Lastly, carefully peel off the flowers and leaves to reveal your Leaf Dye Process Art!  Invite your child to describe how Hapa Zome Leaf Dye came out! You can also frame it to decorate your wall or make a perfect Father’s or Mother’s Day, or even a birthday card.


Hapa Zome technique of Leaf Dye is a type of Process Art. Since process art is open-ended and child-focused as generally there are no instructions, it is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Lastly, it is really fun for little ones to focus on the exploration of the tools and the process, without concentrating on the end result. I hope you will give Japanese Flower Pounding a try!

Adult supervision is required.

Want more?

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