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Dinosaur Flower Threading Craft

Free Printable Dinosaur Flower Threading Outdoors Craft for Kids

Dinosaur Flower Threading is an excellent activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners where craft meets practical life skills while you enjoy the outdoors.

One of the best outdoor activities you can do with your child is threading with flowers. Besides promoting fine motor control, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination, you get to enjoy nature and fresh air. Most importantly, with a free printable, you can easily bring this dinosaur flower threading craft activity to life to promote essential practical life skills.

Dinosaur Flower Threading Craft Free Watercolor Dino Printable

Please note that the thinner the stem of the flower, the harder it is to thread it in the hole. So, while 18 months old can insert marigolds on an orange dinosaur, the tiny flowers on the blue dinosaur would require more advanced fine motor control.

Blue Dinosaur Flower Threading Toddler Craft Free Watercolor Dino Printable

You’ll Need for Dinosaur Flower Threading Craft

Orange Dinosaur Marigold Flower Threading Montessori Practical Life Outdoors Activity for Kids
Orange Dinosaur Marigold Flower Threading Montessori Practical Life Outdoors Activity for Kids


  1. Print the PDF (or draw) and cut out the dinosaurs.  
  2. Glue a dinosaur cutout on a piece of cardboard.
  3. Make small holes with a screwdriver on each of the dinosaurs’ back sails.
  4. Offer a child to thread flowers through small holes, decorating the sail. 

Dinosaur Flower Threading Craft Video Tutorial

This activity is excellent because not only do the kids get to go on an adventure walk, but they use their fine motor skills, threading the flowers into tiny holes.

Orange Dinosaur Marigold Flower Threading Montessori Practical Life
Marigolds Dinosaur Flower Threading

Threading, weaving, and lacing are excellent activities to help children develop dexterity and fine motor skills essential for drawing, later writing, buttoning, tying shoelaces, and more. Threading also helps them develop hand-eye coordination, concentration skills, and bilateral coordination.

Note that it is easier for children to pull the flowers out than to insert them in holes. Children as young as nine months can be offered to pull the flowers out. 

Dinosaur Flower Montessori PLA Threading Toddler Craft Free Watercolor Dino Printable
Dinosaur Flower Montessori PLA Threading Toddler Craft Free Watercolor Dino Printable

Threading Milestones | Approximate Age

  • Toddlers at 18 months might attempt to thread/insert items into holes made in cardboard.
  • Toddlers ages 18 months to 2 years might start to thread large beads on a lace.
  • However, by the age of 3 or 4, a child can learn to thread regular-sized playing beads.
  • Please note that expecting a child to thread tiny beads (used to make bracelets and necklaces) can be challenging even for 6-8-year-olds.

Dinosaur Flower Threading Kids Outdoors Activity
Dinosaur Flower Threading Kids Outdoors Activity

🧵Threading/inserting objects into cardboard holes is generally easier than threading beads on a lace. That is why this activity is suitable for children 18 months and older. 

Threading Activities for Kids

Threading might be challenging or frustrating for smaller children, and it might take a while for a child to master this skill. The age specifications must be generally construed, and the mastery of the threading skill will be dependent on the child’s maturity and fine motor development. However, children will have a great sense of success and achievement once they have mastered this skill.

Have you tried Dinosaur Flower Threading Crafts? Leave a comment if you did!

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