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3D Textured Flower Craft for Kids


Best 3D Textured Flower Kids Craft using cotton and grains designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners to promote fine motor control and creativity.

This 3D Flower Textured Kids Craft is an amazing Process Art, where the child is concentrating on the process and tools rather than on the end-product. Besides, since you will be using materials around your home such as cotton balls and grains from your cupboard, the set up should take you less than a few minutes.


Most importantly, this is a fun fine-motor activity that allows your child to express creativity while coming up with own coloring media combinations. So, you can use a variety of grains for this craft: from corn to rice, and let your imagination be your limit! Besides, there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for a child than to be able to creatively express oneself openly and without judgment, and arts and crafts provide a wonderful opportunity exactly for that! 


You’ll need for this 3D Textured Flower Craft:

  • watercolor pad (we are using this one)
  • watercolor paints (we are using this artist paint set and these watercolors in tubes)
  • oatmeal bran (you can also use fine instant oats)
  • salt
  • cotton balls
  • a glue gun
  • and a stapler

HOW TO make this 3D Kids Craft:

First, create a “frame” by applying a tape to the perimeter of your paper. Next, apply glue to the bottom part and sprinkle generously over the glue with the grain of your choice. Thereafter, offer your little artist to color the top portion of the painting with watercolors.

Second, color the grains by dabbing the paint brush on it lightly.


Third, offer your child to make a “flower” from cotton balls by stamping them at the ends. Then, hot glue stapled cotton balls in a circular pattern to resemble the flower.


Thereafter, offer your child to color the flower with pallet of his/her choice. Paints lay so nicely over the cotton texture.


Lastly, to finish your 3D Textured Flower Craft, hot glue a green pipe cleaner to resemble a stem and make leaves from green paper.


Remember to always leave a lot of room for artistic expression, and welcome additions and modifications!


3D kids watercolor technique is an exciting and interesting alternative to a basic watercolor painting. Besides, we love to experiment with the different medium, coming up with new creative expressions!


This 3D Textured Craft can be framed and hang in your child’s room, or you can make a perfect birthday card out of it or a special Mother’s or Father’s Day gift.

3D-Texured-Cotton-Blue-Flower-Kids Crafts
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Adult supervision is required.

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