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DIY Ikea Posting Frame Magnetic Hack


A lot of babies and toddlers like to “post or drop objects into a hole or a slot. If they “post” to a non-transparent box or a can, they master object permanence concept (understanding that an object still exists even when it disappears from sight). However, today we are posting into a translucent DIY (Do-It-Yourself) posting Ikea frame so that your child can observe the objects as they drop.

Currently, this picture ‘Tolsby’ frame “Play Hack” is our absolute favorite, and we have been posting just about everything: hearts for Valentine’s Day, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s, money coins, poker chips, recycled ice-pop sticks, craft sticks, etc. Basically, you can use any small counters that will fit into a slot on top. You can also use this frame for a non-posting purpose such as to display dried flowers or leaves. Today, however, we are posting colorful plastic circles, and we are also adding some magnetic element to it.


To make this posting frame: remove the two clear plastic inserts from the frame that are meant to protect your picture and tape them to the OUTSIDE of the frame, so you will have two inserts taped to the OUTSIDE on both sides. (I just taped the two longest opposite sides of the rectangular frame, however, you may tape all along the perimeter.) And, you can turn the frame upside down and shake the content out, or remove the tape, and all your counters will be ready to be used again! This is an awesome fine motor, concentration and counting activity!

AGE [TODDLER: 18 M+] offer to post regular plastic along with some magnetic circles. This is a very tricky fine motor practice since the slot is very small. You can also discuss why some circles “stick” (attract) to the wand while others not. (Feel free to sneak in a lesson on magnetism.)

AGE [BABY: 6 M – 1Y] once items have been posted, offer your baby a magnetic wand to move the circles around INSIDE the frame (aka safe zip-lock variation) so that you do not need to worry about small items ending up in your kiddo’s mouth. You might also want to tape the top of the frame so that counters do not accidentally fall out.

AGE [PRESCHOOLER: 3 -4 Y] offer to count circles as they drop them.

“Posting” activity is very important in promoting fine motor control, which inevitably helps children excel in performing crucial tasks such as grasping, reaching, transferring and moving objects. Through fine motor skill development, children learn to use a pencil, crayons and chalk, scissors, a fork and a spoon and other essential items. Fine-motor practice also promotes hand-eye coordination, concentration and improves coordination of small muscles in the hand.

Hope you give it a try! You can see this post on Instagram here.

Please, always supervise your children while they are learning through play, Xoxo

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